What Renovations Can Be Performed on a Bomb Shelter?

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When it comes to renovating a bomb shelter, there are some very strict rules in place. Here are some of the regulations that you should be aware of if you are considering a renovation to a bomb shelter.

The SCDF website maintains a complete list of the works that are permitted and are not permitted in a bomb shelter. The regulations do not allow for the hacking or drilling of household and storey shelters because they are made from reinforced materials. In addition, finishes and fixtures that can not be easily removed are not permitted. These items could become a hazard to shelter occupants in the event of a war emergency. 

Here are the renovation works that are permitted for household shelters:

- Floor tiles may be bonded to the cement mortar screed. However, the total thickness of the floor finish with the screed may not exceed 50mm.

- Laying of linoleum or vinyl flooring is permitted.

- Painting is permitted but the existing paint coats on doors and door frames must be removed prior to repainting. Only the exterior face of the stainless steel plate of the ventilation sleeves may be painted.

- Non-metallic inserts are permitted for fixing removable screws. However, the inserts must not exceed 50 mm deep.

When it comes to works that are not permitted on household shelters, the rules generally do not permit works that cover up with shelter with a second layer of anything. This would include paint, tiling and tampering with the HS door notice. Hacking is also not permitted on the shelter walls or door. Ventilation plates, as well as, mounting devices, such as bolts and nuts may also not be tampered with.

When it comes to household shelters, the renovation options that are allowed are limited. Therefore, it is important to check carefully to ensure that your renovation plans will not be in violation of any regulations.


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