What Goes Into an Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract?

If you have recently purchased an air conditioning system or you will be making an upgrade soon, an air con maintenance contract is something that you should strongly consider. Like any other appliance, an air conditioner will need to be maintained by a professional air conditioning contractor in order to stay in good working order. Therefore, you may want to consider investing in a maintenance contract to help you save money down the line. 

Maintained Air Conditioners Last Longer

It is a well-known fact that an air conditioner that is well maintained will last longer. Air conditioner maintenance ensures that your unit stays free of the build-up of dust and dirt that can make parts stop working correctly. In addition, the air conditioner will perform better and use up less energy. This means that you won't have to worry about spending money on huge repair bills for your air conditioner due to lack of maintenance. You will also be able to expect lower electricity bill.

What a Contract Should Cover

While air con maintenance contracts can vary from company to company, you should make sure that your contract covers at least the most basic elements. You should make sure that your contract covers regular cleaning services for your air conditioner. During the cleaning, the technician may be able to detect early signs of problems or potential items that could call the air conditioner to fail. This way the problems can get fixed in advance so that the system does not break down at a later date leaving you without cool air for your home.


Maintenance contracts can vary in cost depending on the features that are included. However, you should expect to pay a standard rate per unit. You should also see if the plan that you are being offered has any perks such as discounts on cleaning or discounts on parts. 

Also keep in mind that some contracts have restrictions on when maintenance tasks are performed and if you don't schedule them in time, the services will be forfeited. Air conditioning maintenance services may also only be scheduled on certain days of the week so you will need to check to make sure that the plan will work with your schedule.

If the place where you want the services performed is a business, get in touch with the company to see if they offer business discounts.

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