Ultimate Benefits Of Evaporative Cooler Service


Evaporative cooler service replicates the way that evaporation cools things down naturally and throughout the time providing your house or building a very steady and soothing cooling effect. Air is drawn across the surface of the cooling medium as water is pumped through saturated cooling media in evaporative coolers.

Evaporative cooler service comes with two different modes of cooling. Those are direct cooling and indirect cooling. 

The indirect cooling system does not bring any moisture to the surrounding where it is different in characteristics from the direct cooling system. But thanks to technology, it is now possible to combine the two approaches, greatly enhancing the method's performance and raising its efficiency to 95%. 

Air conditioner vs. evaporative cooler:

A typical air conditioner uses substantially more energy than an evaporative cooler. The EER of an ordinary air conditioner is 10 times lower than that of the evaporative cooler service, which has an EER that can reach 40. 

Additionally, if ventilation is included, air conditioners dramatically lose efficiency starting at 25 °C; as a result, the COP will be significantly decreased. 

As a result, a lot more energy is needed to maintain the correct temperature. When temperatures rise, an evaporative cooler will simply enhance its cooling capability without increasing energy usage.

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Benefits of evaporative cooling services:

  • Optimal air quality indoors

A work environment that is regularly ventilated and given access to enough fresh outdoor air is one that promotes good health, low absenteeism, and frequently increased productivity.

To cool a building or room, evaporative cooling employs only fresh, filtered outside air. It highly helps in promoting significant indoor air quality. 

  • Air humidity at its ideal

The relative humidity level is maintained between 40 and 70%, thanks to the innovative two-stage evaporative system. This humidity level encourages the defence against viruses and gives the throat, nose, and eyes the required comfort. 

  • Low-energy climate control

The two-stage evaporative cooler service uses energy very effectively. To efficiently cool a room or building, the evaporative cooler service utilizes only 10% of the energy that mechanical cooling consumes. Water evaporation occurs naturally and accounts for 95% of the cooling capacity. 

  • It is very much eco-friendly 

One of the most eco-friendly and safest options among cooling devices is the evaporative cooling system. It does not make any harmful effect on the environment. So, many homeowners prefer this over air conditioning or split systems. 

  • Easy to maintenance 

There is no doubt that it comes with a relatively simple design than the other cooling systems. Therefore, it is indeed true that the maintenance of the evaporative cooling system will also be simpler. You would not find any problem keeping it checked and maintained. 

  • A relaxed working environment

Unhappy workers who find it difficult to focus and be productive will result from a heated workplace. According to UC Berkeley research titled "The influence of ventilation on production," productivity decreases by around 2% for every degree above 22 °C. 

Evaporation cooling, a special two-stage evaporative cooling system from Oxycom, may provide a room, hall, or building with a cosy and effective environment by cooling the air down to up to 20 °C below the outside temperature.

  • Less water usage 

From its name, we all can have an idea that it works on water. We also get the idea that it may use a lot of water for evaporation in order to keep the surroundings cool. However, it is not true. It takes a little amount of water. In fact, the amount is 98% lesser than the shower you use throughout the year. 

  • Energy Investment Tax Credit

Evaporative cooling systems are qualified for the Energy Investment Deduction (EIA) in some countries because it is a proven sustainable cooling method. This may result in a net advantage of 11% on the overall investment. Local government subsidies for sustainable technologies, such as adiabatic cooling, are also common in other nations.


So, it is proven that there are many advantages of having an evaporative cooler service in your place. If you are new to it and also looking to install an evaporative cooler service, then this is the perfect article for you.


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