Toxic Cabinetry and Finishes


Chemicals are used in a variety of household furnishings. You can find chemicals in the glues and finishes that are used to make and polish kitchen cabinets. These chemicals offer several benefits in terms of guaranteeing the life of the cabinet. However, in some cases, the benefits of such chemicals do not outweigh the risks to human health. Here are some common toxic chemicals that are found in the building materials, thinners, paints and other materials that are used for cabinet making:

  • Acetone is usually found in nail polish removers. It is typically used as a solvent to remove finishes. Acetone has been linked with lung damage and neurological damage.
  • Carbon disulfide is used as a component of a variety of chemicals including paints, glues, varnishes and solvents. There are many health effects that have been linked to exposure to this compound including emotional and sexual problems, nerve damage and insomnia.
  • Ethanol is used as a part of glues that are used to bind cabinets. It can be very toxic and can cause serious damage when combined with cholorform.
  • Cholorform is used for solvents. It has been tied to damage of the internal organs and cancer.
  • Formaldehyde is commonly used as a solvent and can also be found in particle board. There are some toxic effects of exposure to formaldehyde including asthma, damage to the lungs and impairment of the memory.
  • Glycol ethers are used to made paint and glue. Glycol ethers have been shown to cause liver damage and damage to the red blood cells.
  • Ketones can be found in glues, solvents and varnishes. They can result in many physical and neurological problems.
  • Xylene is used as varnish, paint and solvents. Some building materials, thinners and glues also contain this chemical. Xylene has been known to cause lung damage, headaches, problems with balance and response, and fatigue.

These chemicals are just a few of the chemicals that are used in kitchen cabinetry. If you are concerned about your health, it is important that you locate a kitchen cabinetry company that will use more eco-friendly options.


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