Top Determinants of a Home's Value


Once your house is up for sale, even the slightest of details have the potential to raise or lower its value. In order not to lose money on trivialities, you should know well what the top determinants of your home’s value are. After you become aware of the factors that influence the market value of a real estate, you are ready to make small interventions that will translate into several hundred and thousands dollar more on your bank account.

Curb appeal

The first impression is essential when it comes to meeting new people but houses and apartments are no different. Pulling up the driveway and taking the very first look of the property they are interested in buying is important for prospective owners. That is why you need to increase the curb appeal of your property. This is done by applying a fresh layer of paint on the façade (obviously) and by invigorating the look of the front door. A new paint job and a stately vintage door knocker will make the house look more appealing. Furthermore, you have to trim the lawn so it is spotless green.

Decluttering and depersonalizing the interior

We all like to adjust the home we live in according to our taste and practical needs. However, people who are interested in buying the house start daydreaming about the stylish interior design of their ideal home right from the doorstep. In order not to spoil their fantasies but fuel them further, you should declutter the house and devoid it of all personal items. Things like family photos should hit the drawer for those half an hour the realtor is working his/her magic.

Furthermore, the décor of the house should not be too personal. For instance, you might like the fact that the nursery is painted orange but other people might have plans to turn this room into a bedroom. In their eyes, the orange hue will be nothing more than a nuisance and an additional cost once they purchase the property.

Having the home inspected

Real estate costs a fortune so expect the new owners to hire a licensed inspector to confirm that the house doesn’t have any structural flaws. It’s not that they don’t believe your estimate but they need to know how much they will have to invest in the lighting, plumbing, and decoration after the house becomes theirs. In fact, you can hire an agency like Assured Building and Pest Inspections to conduct a thorough inspection of the house on your behalf. This way, you have an exact estimate of the value of your home so you will be able to negotiate a better price.

Shedding some light on the issue

A rule that real estate agents regularly adhere to is never to show a house after dark. They tend to bring interested buyers over when the sun is the strongest so they could get a good look of the property. You can aid them in this effort by opening all the shades and awnings to let natural light in. This way, people will see the house’s interior in its true light, no pun intended. If it’s a bright and sunny day, you can even open the windows to let fresh air inside.

Speaking of light, the nightlights are not going to be turned on but you can still show them off. Place LED energy saving lights in every room to make it clear that your household takes care of energy consumption. A couple of solar energy powered lamps in the backyard will further add to the sense of (eco-aware) luxury.

A green home

When it comes to the way you run your household, there is hardly a better sign of proper management than a home full of plants. Going green is an important factor in people’s minds because plants need nurturing, watering, and enough sunlight. If your home garden is verdant and lush, this is a clear indicator that you have maintained it well. Even if you’re not a green thumb, consider getting hold of some additional indoor plants just for the occasion.

A bit of polishing

Finally, you want the house to shine, quite literally. Polish the doorknob and handles around the house to restore them to their initial state. Take special care to the faucets and other metallic features in the bathroom because these fine details will literally sell the whole estate.

As you have seen from the top 6 value determinants listed here, it doesn’t take much to spruce up your home. Most of the upgrades and improvement takes only time and not money to execute. Once you close the deal, you will be glad you took the effort to make them.


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