Current Trends Shaping the Face of Interior Design


A quick review of the A-league interior design fairs and salons tells us that vintage aesthetics is making a big comeback alongside some very interesting new interior design trends. Here are the hot trends you should keep an eye out for.  


While the limitations of minimalistic trends that heavily influenced interior design style over the past decade are now too obvious, the refusal to accept plainness has sparked interest for more euphoric furnishings and accessories. With more and more clients looking to create rich and unique spaces, having transitional and eclectic design styles in your home allows you for almost unlimited freedom when considering decorative items. The key to keeping maximalism right is to maintain visual consistency, with no more than three contrasting colours, patterns and finishes.  


Interior design should be able to momentarily transmit sensations and atmospheres from the moment any user starts interacting with the space and the material. This results in spaces that are capable of combining authorship, concept, and meaning. It is no wonder, then, that this innovative master in interior space design methodology underlines the importance of creative autonomy in the design process, geared towards producing original solutions by inverting the common procedure behind space design. Limiting options to a single material is one fine example of this practice. 

Nature indoors

This year, the interior design trends are taking an environmentally-friendly turn, so it should surprise us to see plenty of natural elements combined with luxury materials. Whether sourced from nature or designed to mimic this look, materials are used to make spaces look more authentic and unique. Natural wood is used alongside various stone materials, like granite, pebbles, marble, which then continues onto a theme of handcrafted and recycled furniture.

Homecoming of black

While the adage ‘you can never go wrong with black’ still stands, as the interior design trends of 2019 are solidifying, more and more designers are admitting that black is taking over the scene once again. Black is seen all over the place – from black prints and finishes to black furniture and fixtures. For example, one of the 2019 trends is having all black walls, which might seem a bit intimidating at first, but a black wall creates a powerful yet elegant backdrop in home interior design.

Modern fireplaces

Clients seem never to get tired of new fireplace designs, constantly looking for modern updates to this centuries-old home feature. These days, interior designers are recommending sleek and minimalistic fireplaces that leave a subtle design note, rather than becoming the focal point of the room. On the other hand, such a contemporary fireplace will never go out of trend, while adding value to your property. While being designed to blend in completely, thanks to the innovative technology, these fireplaces allow for easier use and maintenance.

Statement ceiling and floor

One can’t ignore the impact that statement ceilings and floor mare making in 2019. Their bold colours and geometric patterns are designed to make them the eye catchers of your interior designs. If you don’t feel like committing to a more permanent eccentric floor design, you can always make an impact with an area rug with an interesting pattern. Browse through some inspiring current rug collections, but keep in mind that serious online vendors are always updating their range to accommodate every need and taste, both traditional and contemporary. 

The couch can go

The evolution of interior design brought along many changes to some rigid and formal design practices. With fewer set traditions to follow, instead of putting up with a regular couch in your living room like in 99.99% of homes, you’re encouraged to do things differently. Instead of a classic couch, go for bench seating, a mix of armchairs facing one another, or even a chaise. An elegant settee can add a distinctively sophisticated air to your living room design, while groups of comfortable chairs will make the space warmer and more inviting. 

Earthy accents

In the years behind us, grey tones were being highly popularised in interior design, even giving birth to greige – a combination of grey and beige. While still dominant in 2019, grey is often supplemented with softer pastels and earthy hues. Almost any colour that appears in nature from soft greens to browns can apply – taupe is still popular, after being called the Colour of the Year last season.

Green accents

Since last years’ obsession with green grew stronger and stronger, some interior design forward-thinkers believed it will be among the most popular trends in 2019 as well. Decorating your interior with textured house plants and succulents is definitely the best and most sustainable way of bringing greenery to your home, but if you’re not a fan of indoor plants, banana leaf accents are an amazing way to add texture to living room accessories. 

Whether you’re looking down a major interior overhaul or simply want to update your space with a few contemporary details, these are the concepts that are trending now. However, these trends don’t seem like temporary whims, but designs which can easily evolve into something different a season or two ahead. 

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