Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends That Will Dominate 2019 And Beyond

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2018 is just about to be drawing to a close. Comes the New Year, new excitement, and new trends. 2019 could be a promising year, whether it is technology, business strategies, or design and art. That is, from appliances to aesthetics, new trends are waiting for you in the coming New Year.

That said, if all of the above elements are beautifully packed in your kitchen, wouldn’t it be a modern household renaissance? Turns out, whatever is hot in the world of kitchen design, it is coming to your home and staying there for a long time to come. It’s about time you thought to give your kitchen a new makeover. It’s a project that you are going to love for sure!

Here are 5 design trends for your kitchen that will be seen everywhere in 2019:

  1. Cool cabinetry that touches hearts

Whether for storage or aesthetic appeal, cabinetry is one of the central elements of your kitchen. It is the essential aspect while doing the remodelling work as the cabinetry is the crown jewel that brings everything together. According to the latest trends being approved by design experts, your cabinets’ needs to be streamlined and spacious that make cooking and storage effortless. Apart from look and feel, a significant challenge with kitchen cabinets has been a waste of space. For example, you might have noticed drawers and shelves were being structured that left a lot of wasted space. So when it comes to a functional kitchen, you have to utilize every bit of storage. Additionally, while simple, clean, and spacious cabinetry will keep getting popular, certain unique customized styles will make a clear statement.

  1. New exciting kitchen sinks

So far kitchen sinks were by no means a decorative unit, rather an absolute essential, which you couldn’t do anything without. But what if necessity meets style? The result will be an ultimate interesting design element for everyone to see in your kitchen. Since craftmanship is going to be a key trend in 2019, so don’t be surprised to see special sinks making a way into your kitchen. Designers have been exploring and toying with design ideas to create embossed sinks – some with metallic accents, and others with colours to complement furnishing. Also, rugged sandstone or multi-coloured granite sinks will be equally fabulous choices. Optimizing sink functions is also on the cards as far as design is concerned. It includes detachable cutting boards, integrated coasters, and pot holders, etc.  

  1. Bold colours

The splendid appeal of the best kitchen designs comes from a unique pattern of bold colours and textures. Since certain colours work better together, your kitchen could be a canvas for attractive colour combinations. For a long time white and wooden finish has been considered as classic and timeless. White is a go-to colour that brightens up any space, while the wood finishes have stood the test of times. However, in 2019 you can experiment with various bold, peculiar pallets that will help you achieve an amazing kitchen transformation. A good way to do this is selecting a two-tone colour scheme. In a typical two-tone kitchen colour design, you have to combine a strong neutral colour with a striking earth-inspired tone. For example, green and silver work together well. The overall effect is almost ethereal with natural lighting and a minimalist design. Another bold spectrum is red and white that gives a spicy look to your kitchen décor.

  1. Personalization takes a new paradigm

Personalization can be the key if you want to bring in a new trend that proves to be timeless. Personalization is all about making your kitchen more efficient along with visually attractive. It includes from creating ample space for appliances, utensils, and kitchenware to making the flow of the kitchen feel natural and easy. Try to incorporate perfect finishes. It will give your kitchen a richer, more exciting feel by mixing materials and create a space that is uniquely yours. A key element of personalization is to revamp your kitchen shelves by putting custom canning labels on repositories in which various cooking ingredients are stored. Another personal touch in your kitchen include functional additions such as, proper ventilation, undercounter refrigerator, warming drawers, induction cooking, etc.

  1. Light up with elegance

Lighting is an essential element that not only puts the spotlight on your kitchen’s design, but enhances its features and style as well. Lighting is an easy and effective to make a big difference in your kitchen as it can be decorative as well as functional. Thus, bringing new trends for lighting will make a statement, refurbish your existing design, and brighten up your kitchen surroundings with costing you a fortune. A profound way to create a good effect in your kitchen is to use LEDs profusely. The LED technology is at the forefront of the modern lighting design. You can use mini pendants with an interesting arrangement. A cluster of mini pendants will create a perennial attraction for the observers.

Final Words

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and you have to treat it likewise. If you are thinking of introducing new design trends, 2019 is the appropriate year to do so. The above design trends will surely dominate the coming New Year.  

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