5 reasons to have a pantry in your kitchen


If you are looking at kitchen renovations or kitchen design, one of the most important features to consider is whether or not you want a pantry. A pantry can be an amazing addition to any kitchen because it offers many benefits. In this article, we will look at 5 reasons why every kitchen should have a pantry!

Different types of panty

There are several different types of pantry, meaning you'll be able to find the right type of pantry for you, if you decide you want to add one to your home.

Walk-in pantry

A walk-in pantry is the most common type of kitchen pantry you will find. This style is typically located on an exterior wall, which means that it won't take up any kitchen space and can be built at a later date if needed. Here the pantry will usually be organized with u-shaped drawers and shelves that go all around the walls apart from the entrance and are perfect for storing items like kitchen appliances, pots and pans, and dry foods and non-perishables.

Kitchen pantry

A kitchen pantry is one that will be located inside the kitchen. This type of pantry generally has shelves, cabinets and drawers available for storage. These are much more useful kitchen knives and chopping boards etc. as well as plates, crockery and your tinned foods and non-perishables. Kitchen style pantries are usually smaller than walk-in styles because they don't require as much space to accommodate a large amount of kitchen items such as pots and pans.

Laundry room pantry

A laundry room pantry is one that will be located in a kitchen, but separate from it. It usually contains a washing machine and dryer, which form the main function of this kind of pantry. Normally these are always filled with clothes and so aren't that useful as pantries.

Pull-out pantry

A pull-out pantry is one that will be located in the kitchen, in what appears to be regular cabinet space and is normally tall and thin. It pulls out on rollers as if it was a drawer but contains shelves for better organization. This type of pantry is best for storing food items such as herbs and spices and maybe smaller utensils like kitchen knives.

5 kitchen pantry benefits

Let's take a look at five great benefits you'll get if you add a pantry to your kitchen.

General storage

Pantries offer more storage space for your kitchen - It's no secret that kitchens come with limited storage space. This means that it can sometimes be hard to find a place for everything and anything in your kitchen. However, when combined with other cabinets and drawers, having a big enough pantry can help make sure that there is always enough room for all of your items (and then some).

Added convenience

Pantries make cooking more convenient - If you are someone who loves to cook, then a kitchen pantry can be an amazing addition. It allows for quick and easy access whenever you need something while cooking. Rather than everything being crammed into insufficient cupboard and cabinet space, your kitchen pantry allows for better organization and much easier access to items that you frequently use in the kitchen.

Style and flair

Pantries can look great in any kitchen - While kitchen cabinets, cupboards and drawers are often very basic looking (and sometimes even unattractive), kitchen pantries come in many different styles including open designed shelving units and pull out pantries. It is the organized nature of the pantry that makes it look so good.

A home for your kitchen appliances

You can buy all those large kitchen appliances you want when you have a pantry as you'll have a permanent place to put them. Pantries are the perfect place to put kitchen appliances that you don't use on a daily basis but still need access to. If your kitchen doesn't have enough cupboard or cabinet space for these items, then a kitchen pantry is often the best solution.

Long term food storage

You can stock up with large amounts of dry goods and non-perishable foods. In the same way that kitchen appliances can be stored in a pantry, dry goods and non-perishable food items can also fit easily into your kitchen pantry. This all adds up to less clutter in the kitchen, and larger stores of foods for unforeseen circumstances in the future.


There are many kitchen pantry benefits to consider before you renovate or design a kitchen. You might want to first think about how much storage space your kitchen has and what items you will need access to during cooking, etc. A kitchen pantry can help with making sure there is always enough room for all of the things that you use often in your kitchen as well as providing extra convenience when it comes time to find something quickly while cooking. There are various styles of kitchen pantries available so make sure that whichever style suits your needs best appeals aesthetically too!

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