Top 5 Granite Colors for an Awesome Kitchen Countertop


Granite is among the top materials for kitchen countertops. The reason is obvious - this material has its aesthetic appeal. Due to its swirls and dappled elegance, homeowners prefer granite to grace their entire kitchen setup. Aside from its look, granite also has its best points because of its durability.

However, with a lot of options for colors, you may find it difficult to choose the best one for your kitchen. In this article, I listed down the top 5 colors of granite countertops for your kitchen. So take a read!

Santa Cecilia

The Santa Cecilia granite variety is one of the favorite slabs by homeowners and interior designers alike. Its colors have the mix of accentuated rich brown tones and fading black accents, creating a balanced effect.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the many options for a granite kitchen countertop color, the Santa Cecilia slab is the go-to alternative because its variance in flecks enables it to blend with almost any cabinet design.

Azul Platino

If you want to add color to your kitchen area but don’t want something too flashy or too bright, the Azul Platino slab would fit your preference. This granite slab brings fine blue tones to your kitchen counter surface with its characteristic simplicity that seems black-and-white at first glance.

Blue shades always get on the top as trendy kitchen countertop colors. From the unassuming to the most intense shades, blue tones are ideal to add for modern kitchen designs. The good thing about Azul Platino granite is that it can blend well with neutral kitchen backdrops and earth-toned elements as well.

Costa Esmeralda

The Costa Esmeralda granite has a color between blue and green which make it an ideal option if you want to create a coastal vibe out of your kitchen area. The blue-green slab balances cabinets with sandy white tones as well as silvery-white kitchen appliances.

If you want to create a warm yet masculine atmosphere, the Costa Esmeralda granite slab can also complement stain-grade cabinets. It can also work well with kitchens that are filled with lights, the latter accentuating the stunning color of this granite variety.

Typhoon Bordeaux

Typhoon Bordeaux is the ideal choice for a light-colored kitchen that has red flooring. This granite slab comes in brown, gray, or brick-red color. This is perfect to blend with cream or beige kitchen cabinets to create a cozy kitchen atmosphere.

Aside from that, it can also complement well with oak, walnut, and cherry kitchen furniture. If you have a Spanish-themed kitchen that showcases Saltillo flooring, the Typhoon Bordeaux granite kitchen countertop is also an excellent choice. The rustic appeal of Spanish interior design is an excellent match with the red-and-brown tone of this granite.

Luna Pearl

The mother-of-pearl luster of this granite slab brings an elegant look to your overall kitchen design. Although the pattern is a bit more eye-catching than marble, the Luna Pearl variety is a go-to choice for homeowners who considered marble but don’t like its softness. The Luna Pearl’s glimmering, lustrous flecks give off that softer look like marble.

Luna Pearl is also a perfect match with gray or white kitchen cabinets, as well as with maple, cherry, or other wood finish kitchen furniture. It also can last long for years like other varieties of granite kitchen countertop.


Granite is one of the most preferred kitchen countertop materials today. Not only that homeowners choose granite for its durability, but also for its variety of colors that can make your overall kitchen design attractive.

If you want to make your kitchen look awesome, the list of the types of granite slab mentioned above will be a huge help for that purpose. You can also check sites like if you’re looking for different types of kitchen countertop materials.

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