5 Signs of a Great Place to Buy Parking Lot Stencils


While you may not even realize it in day to day happenings, parking areas have a tremendous amount of signage. They give your building a professional appearance and can create a semblance of order. In many cases, such as with crosswalks and fire zones, they can greatly increase safety. For individuals who need to access handicapped accessible parking spaces and entrances, they make getting around much easier.

Markings painted directly onto pavement offer many advantages over pole-mounted signs. For example, they can't be easily stolen and aren't subject to damage from being bumped by moving vehicles. Although highway crews use specially designed trucks to apply lines to roadways, many of the designs that are in parking lots are applied with stencils. Finding a reliable source of high-quality stencils can make keeping up with the exterior of your building and parking areas easier and more convenient. There are some qualities that great stencil manufacturers and suppliers share. 

1. They Have a Great Selection of Designs

It is much more convenient to shop at a single supplier than buy stencils piecemeal from several vendors.  Consider some common markings you might want to apply to your parking lot with a stencil. 

  • Directional arrows

  • Safety warnings

  • Designated parking spaces

  • Handicapped accessible areas

  • Crosswalks and other safety markings

  • Fire lanes

  • Numbers and letters

2. They Will Accommodate Custom Designs 

Perhaps the most common and widely heard reason to use parking lot stencils is that they lend a professional appearance to the exterior of your building. Custom markings can also help you increase awareness of your brand and location. If you want to have a logo or other special design that is not readily available for purchase, you will need to find a manufacturer that can make a custom design. Look for a company that will take the time to learn your unique needs and then work with you to create a suitable design. A quick turnaround is important, too, because you don't want to wait for weeks to approve a proof. 

3. They Offer Stencils in Multiple Materials

Like with many other products, stencils are available in a wide range of materials. The right one for your project will depend on how many times you plan to use it, how long you intend it to last and how much time and manpower you can devote to cleaning and maintenance of it. 

Both low- and high-density polyethylene materials can be cut into stencil patterns. They offer an affordable option that is great for parking lot designs you won't use many times, such as for special promotions or holidays. Cleaning and storing polyethylene stencils can be somewhat of a challenge. 

If you are looking for a long-lasting stencil design that can be used repeatedly, lightweight metals like aluminum are a great option. Stencils made from metal will be more costly than plastic ones, but they will last for longer and be easier to clean. That makes them a great choice for designs you will need to reapply regularly such as crosswalk markings or parking space lines. 

4. They Carry Options That Fit Your Budget 

Your budget will need to be considered when you are shopping for supplies, and stencils for marking parking lots and driveway areas are no exception. Look for manufacturers that can work within your budget while providing designs, sizes and materials that are suitable for the project you have. They may offer a good selection of in-stock designs that are suitable allowing you to save on set up fees.

5. They Arrange Shipping and Delivery

A company that can get your new stencil to your doorstep quickly and securely is a huge advantage. You won't have to arrange to have someone pick it up or take time out of your schedule to do it yourself. 

Parking lot and exterior stencils come in a variety of designs and materials. The professional appearance that is achieved by using them lends a finished look to the outside of your facility. Working with a speciality manufacturer allows you to get the right product for your needs while staying within your budget.

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