Distinct Advantages of Pole Barn Buildings

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The term "pole barn buildings" often conjures up images of agricultural structures, usually barns or farms. While it's true that pole barn buildings got their name from the depression era barns originally constructed using telephone poles, today's versions are sleek, versatile, and in demand. Often referred to as post-frame construction, the building style now features laminated columns placed in the ground approximately every eight feet to support the roof.  

Homes created using the style have housed generations of families and evolved to become incredibly trendy. Landowners can buy kits and construct their buildings or hire experienced contractors to build a wide range of custom structures. Affordable to build, pole barn buildings are durable, quick to construct, strong, versatile, and offer endless decorating options.  

1. Pole Barns Are Budget Friendly

While the final cost of a post-frame structure depends on several factors, they are less expensive to construct than comparable stick-frame buildings. Creating structures requires fewer materials, which translates to lower labor costs.  

Overhead costs are lower, and buildings are easy to install. Pole Barn Builders do not need to add a foundation, saving owners money. A foundation accounts for 10.8% of construction costs on traditional buildings. 

2. Buildings Are Strong

The heavy trusses and sturdy posts used in pole barn buildings help create strong, durable structures. Buildings are constructed using steel panel roofs and siding, which adds strength.  

Pole barn buildings can tolerate heavy snow loads and withstand harsh winds, which is why they are favorites in many agricultural areas. A mere two feet of snow equals 60 pounds of pressure per square inch, which could stress a typical roof. A post-frame building transfers the roof's weight through its trusses, down its poles, and to the earth. 

Post-frame construction is ideal for commercial and agricultural buildings. The well-built buildings offer extra protection for equipment, vehicles, animals, crops, and produce. 

3. Construction Time Is Quick 

Compared to stick-frame structures, pole barn buildings can be constructed very quickly. Contractors can often build sheds, garages, and other simple buildings in days. The exact construction time for any project depends on many factors, including its size and complexity. For example, clients who order custom homes may opt for extras such as a garage, porch, or shed.

According to Mother Earth News, the lack of foundation and simple construction make it possible for DIY builders to quickly construct various types of buildings. Also, custom metal roofs can be ordered pre-cut and ready to install. 

Because the building style is relatively simple, many owners buy building kits and create their buildings. Some even design fairly elaborate homes. 

However, most people use experienced contractors who have the experience to foresee and prevent many problems. Contractors are faster than DIY builders because crews have built the same projects many times and are much less like to make errors.  

4. There Are Unlimited Design Options 

Post-frame buildings have large, spacious interiors. Instead of walls, columns act as supports. That leaves the wide-open spaces that have made the structures ideal barns for many decades.  

The design also makes the structures perfect for creating stunning homes. Design Idea professionals say the interiors include vertical space ideal for adding mezzanines, wooden rafters, or custom areas that add a cozy feeling.  

Owners can choose to leave interiors open or add walls to subdivide spaces. Home interiors have a light, airy ambience aided by the large windows. Builders can add second floors that can be used as living spaces, bedrooms, studies, or any other purpose. 

Barndominiums, or barndos, are a version of pole barn homes that have become very popular and work well for cold and warm climates. In areas with freezing weather, they make an elegant, cozy home. Post-frame homes in warmer temperatures owners can opt for cool, airy spaces ideal for large families and visitors.  

The steel used in barndos and other post-frame buildings means they are pest, mould, and mildew resistant. They are also more fire-resistant than wood frame structures.

5. Buildings Are Versatile

A primary reason that pole-barn buildings are in demand is their versatility. Contractors can use the building style to create nearly any building clients need. 

Builders routinely build custom garages for vehicles and boats. Customers order the structures for agricultural purposes, warehouses, and inventory storage.  

Some clients combine their businesses and homes in a single post-frame structure. They might choose a large house with open interiors and add an office component. House might have garages built on, and there are pole barn homes that have stables for animals.  

 It's easy to change the interior layout, too. Renovations are much less complicated than they are with stick-frame construction.

6. Pole Barn Buildings Are Energy Efficient 

Because contractors need a level ground to begin buildings and construction is simple, projects are less energy intensive than traditional projects. They require less material and equipment. Post-frame buildings use less energy from the beginning of construction and throughout their lifetimes.  

Once constructed, buildings help owners conserve energy. For example, the spacing between posts makes it easy to insulate buildings. Contractors can install high-grade insulation that doesn't have the "breaks" found in traditional home construction. As a result, there is less chance for energy or heat to escape.  

The walls of homes are deeper than those built using stick-frame construction. The deep spaces between the inner paneling and outer walls add extra insulation  

7. Doorways and Windows Can Be Larger 

Pole barn buildings are ideal for those who enjoy structures that allow a lot of light. The best way to do that is to add large windows, but not all traditional buildings support more expansive windows or doorways. Post-frame construction allows contractors to install these larger, wider features and remain in compliance with building codes.  

Wider doorways are often essential for many commercial and agricultural buildings. Pole barn buildings frequently have the wider entryways for garages, barns, and storage. 

Pole barn buildings, also known as post-frame buildings, have been used for decades and evolved for modern use. They use columns for support and feature open spaces. Contractors can adapt the budget-friendly building style for a wide range of custom energy-efficient structures that are quick to build. There are DIY kits that allow anyone to build their structure, but most people hire expert contractors.  

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