Rebuilding Cooking and Relaxing Arenas


Anybody can plan; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be simple yet elegant. That needs creativity. Cooking arena and relaxing arenas are the most important places in every house. They need to be clean, have impressive ambience and be easy to clean and maintain. In many homes, clients choose to renovate kitchen, bathroom and laundry at the same time.

If there are multiple bathrooms, family members can stay at home thereby saving offsite accommodation cost and one bathroom can be renovated at a time. When the kitchen is getting renovated, food can be ordered from outside during the period of renovation. If you are going with reliable renovators, the warranty and guarantee are provided by them and the estimated time for kitchen renovation is four to five weeks whereas three to four weeks for a bathroom.

The cost estimation of kitchens and bathroom renovations depends on the design or layout, style expected and structural work. There are low budget, standard and premium renovations available for you to choose from. A dream bathroom and kitchen renovation would require a much higher budget. An estimate is given by the company when they visit your house and it includes the equipment used, warranties and insurances, GST and other structural works. It does not include any kitchen appliances that you may want to install.

Focus: Kitchens are not used just for cooking nowadays. They are used for having dinner and host parties too. Therefore, the choice of lights must be smarter. Bright lighting can be used while cooking and dimmer lights while having dinner.

Automation in every possible way be it cabinets, appliances, fittings in kitchen and bathroom renovations are the in thing today. Nowadays preinstalled and post installed cabinets are available in the market to meet high demand and reduction in the time taken for renovations. The reason why kitchens and bathroom renovations are preferred together is because the process becomes cost effective and easier to implement.

Normally the bathroom has tiles so that washing or mopping it is an easier task. The budget depends on whether electrical fittings and plumbing also need to be changed or whether they are being reused. Higher reusability of existing items means lesser budget. Therefore, the renovation process focusses on customer needs.

Process: The process of kitchens and bathroom renovations begins with a visit to home for a free consultation. Instead of following water fall model which is serial, parallel activities are carried out so that timely delivery can be achieved. To quote one example, doors of kitchen as well as bathrooms can be changed at one time, plumbing and lighting work can be done parallelly.



A roadmap of carrying out the kitchen and bathroom renovations is made at the very beginning and tracking is done at various levels to ensure that it is adhered to. At intermediate completion of jobs, partial payments may be done so that both the project manager and the client are in a win-win position.

Challenges: Some challenges include placing a barbeque in the kitchen whose area is small and ensuring smoke is not accumulated while cooking, placing of an oven at the appropriate area.  The mechanism of hiding the electrical appliances should be provisioned for in kitchen and bathroom renovations.

In bathrooms, laundry facility along with foldable ironing may be aspired for. In such cases, careful examination of the available space is required to ensure it is beautifully done and easy to use. Some bathrooms might also be used by elders as well as kids at the same time and therefore wallpapers, floors, toilet seats, place of bathing need to be designed keeping everybody's taste in mind.

Role of Monitoring and Controlling: Periodic monitoring and control is an important aspect of project management which makes the project successful. Hence to make kitchen and bathroom renovations a success one needs to define the frequency of monitoring and control thereby ensuring the best results.

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