Real Kitchen Design Trends In 2019


Unfortunately for anyone looking to create a “trendy” space, most design you find online advice is confusing. From the descriptions — moody, Scandi, and the rest — to the instructions -- “make your space dynamic” — figuring out what it all means is harder than the redecoration itself.  

After working as a design professional for many years (I’m an interior designer) I wondered if I could find a better, clearer way to understand design advice. As someone who has read tons of design articles, I still find myself perplexed and scratching my head at about half the articles I read. 

So at the end of last year, my team and I set out to come up with a way to make design trends simpler and easier to understand. Here’s what we did...

To start, we put together a massive list of kitchen advice articles, as these are very popular. Many of these articles were just summaries of other articles, so our first step was to cut everything that was a derivative of another article, keeping only the unique articles in our list. 

From there, we broke each article down to their individual suggestions, translating those suggestions into normal English. (“Airy, dark non-sheen industrial fixtures” became matte black fixtures, for example.) At the same time, we discarded filler content like “paint your walls white”. 

In our next step, we wrote a review of the collected wisdom, ordered by the number of times each suggestion had been mentioned. Also looked at the search data from Google for each idea, showing how the expert advice matched with actual interest. 

The result is a straightforward article that gives you a picture of what the top 10 trends are without the confusion. Please enjoy.

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