Our 2017 Smart Home Gadget Top Picks


Nowadays, smartphones are all the rage in the world of modern technology. Having become increasingly popular and virtually omnipresent over the course of the previous decade, they are the focal point of the majority of modern tech innovations. What sets apart the smartphone technology is that these pocket computers found their use in every aspect of our lives. With this in mind, we present you with top smart home gadgets, that will take your home into the future.

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Amazon Echo

Okay, so there’s been a lot of hype about this device recently, and talking about smart home gadgets without mentioning the Amazon Echo would be borderline blasphemous. For those of you who have been living under a rock throughout 2016, the Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled speaker that features Alexa, your own personal assistant. With this device, turning up the heating in the living room is as simple as, well, saying “Alexa, turn up the heating in the living room”! Of course, the main idea behind using this technology is having devices that communicate with the Amazon Echo, such as smart speakers (although the device is essentially a Lo-Fi speaker in itself), a smart fridge, etc.

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Nest Learning thermostat

Speaking of devices that can communicate with the Amazon Echo, the Nest is a thermostat that “talks” to your boiler wirelessly, controlling the radiators and water heating system. The smart sensor is capable of detecting when there’s no one at home, in which case it automatically switches to Away mode, thus saving energy and allowing you to control your water heater through your smartphone.
In addition to allowing you this luxury, the system actually emails you an energy summary on a monthly basis, in order to encourage you to conserve energy, depending on your lifestyle. This device works with both Google and Amazon.

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Dyson 360 Eye

The famous ‘Roomba’ has taken the hearts of many when it was introduced, back in 2002. However, the neat little house helper wasn’t really a “smart” device, seeing as how it didn’t really excel at being, well, smart. The innovation from Dyson is small and compact, taking little space whether it’s in the cupboard, or at its charging dock. It is pretty simple to use – after it’s charged, you press the only button and it gets going, working its way around your home. If it gets stuck on rugs, shoes, or another object, the Dyson 360 Eye turns itself off and navigates back to a “safe” location, starting all over again. Of course, a smart piece of technology wouldn’t really be smart if it wasn’t compatible with your smartphone – it comes with an app that allows scheduling the robot’s cleaning sessions.

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Skylight Solar System

Solar energy is pretty much the only green way of powering the lifestyle most of us have gotten used to, and Skylight Energy is one of the leading solar providers in Australia. The huge popularity jump of their 5kW Solar System in Sydney has made sure that the company remains at the top of the market, boasting affordability and quality. Although this smart way of powering your home doesn’t come with a mobile app, the amazing set of highly trained and Clean Energy Council Certified and Accredited include an outstanding customer support, which will ensure you have the best possible purchasing and user experience. What a way to save money by conserving energy!

These smart home gadgets are our top picks of 2017 – whether it’s your personal AI assistant, a smart thermostat, a next generation Roomba, or a way to utilize sunlight for powering up your home, these devices won’t disappoint you.

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