How and Where to Hire Top Freelancers Nowadays?


The post-pandemic era has led many people to believe that freelancing is the future of work. A freelancer is an autonomous entity who is free to choose who he or she wants to work with, at what time he or she wants to work and even sets the fees which the clients pay. Freelancers are important to companies in a variety of ways. Companies collaborate with them these days because they can save cost and time in the process while still getting the best in terms of temporary labor. Let us have a look at some common freelancing services used by companies nowadays.


This is the biggest freelancing marketplace with more than 10 million registered freelancers and about five million clients. The reputation of the Upwork platform precedes it and that is why heavyweights like Microsoft, General Electric, and Airbnb visit it to hire their best freelancers. A platform is a good place for those who are looking to get some specialized and elaborate projects done. There are a variety of talents from freelancers on Upwork such as web designing, mobile and software development, design and creativity, writing, tutoring, sales, customer service, and much more. The Upwork platform has some amazing features that enable users to make video calls and send instant messages to one another.


Kolabtree is a platform that connects clients with freelance scientists and researchers from around the world. Kolabtree is revolutionizing how organizations hire freelancers to work on their projects. With experts in over 3 thousand subjects ranging from data analysis to medical writing freelancers, this platform will help you take your project or paper anywhere it needs to go! Clients have turned this platform into an ecosystem that facilitates knowledge exchange between business leaders in need of data analysis services or research papers written by medical professionals across various disciplines including biology & chemistry among others.

This is another freelance marketplace that has a large number of clients. So many individuals with skills needed by most companies register on Freelancer and it is the reason why the platform is patronized by high-profile business entities like Microsoft, Intel Corporation, and Boeing. Small businesses that require talents and need to get several tasks ranging from article writings, marketing, and graphic designs done, hover around the platform. 

Writing jobs are particularly more frequent here. So many business setups that are into Search Engine Optimization do visit to pick from top-notch writers. Companies and individuals needing some scientific writing services also patronize the platform frequently. The interface is user-friendly and you can easily sign up.


Particularly known as a freelancing site for beginners Fiverr is one of the top freelance websites that connect freelancers and businesses digitally. There is an assortment of professional service offerings with so many categories to choose from. Chances are high that any company can get just about what service is needed. The platform is easy to navigate and though there are rookie freelancers around the place, a great number of professional and long-standing freelancers abound on the platform also.


This is another freelancing platform regularly patronized by some top companies. The platform has a broad range of freelancers, from finance consultants, product managers, web designers, graphics designers to writers, and many more. There are free invoicing and payments here but there is an extensive screening process. This starts from a comprehensive English evaluation to a project assessment. This is why top-tier companies like Airbnb and Motorola go here because only about the top 3% make it to the platform to bid for jobs as freelancers.

People Per Hour

The platform unites companies to freelancers from different international backgrounds and spans a wide range of categories. Here, the services of freelancers who have completed jobs are continually evaluated and rated. The ratings help companies choose the best options they can afford. It is used by so many companies nowadays to help them achieve projects that require urgent attention and professional execution.


This is an online job board specializing in editorial writing, and translational work. On this platform, clients reach out to freelancers and not the other way around. So a freelancer getting a job will be down to how the person’s profile has been built and promoted to a growing client database. Navigation on the platform is easy and people can send messages and schedule conference calls. Most companies that are always looking for article writers and translators visit ServiceScape regularly and look for stand-out profiles for their needs.

PEO services

Freelancers are an integral part of the world economy, and PEO services can help them work in compliance with both local laws as well as companies' expectations. Working through outsourcing to PEO companies such as Canada PEO ensures cost-effectiveness for all parties involved; whether freelancer or employer alike!

Final word

Freelancing is fast taking over the job market because they offer convenience and reliability to clients or companies who have a need for them. The freelance marketplace benefits not only the freelancer but the client and the creators of the freelancing platform as well. Companies have seen freelancers as part of their business plans and so do not need to hire too many professionals on a full-time basis who might just have a task or two to perform for a whole year.

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