Organizing Your Garage In One Day


Is your garage a beautiful space where you can not only park your vehicle but spend a lot of weekend time doing DIY projects in it? Or does it act like a dirty, messy space that has a lot of clutter but not nearly as much charm? Well, today is the day to roll your sleeves up and organize that messy, cluttered garage of yours. For one thing, the garage acts as the first thing that we see when we come home. Therefore, it should operate as a clean, welcoming space that anyone would be happy to spend time in when they need to do so. This article will give you a few useful tips for organizing your home garage.

Take Everything Out of Your Garage

This acts as the best way to get rid of all that junk in your home garage. First, take all objects making a home in your garage and put them in your driveway. This goes for every single item in your garage. That means if the item can get moved, it goes in the driveway. You should express surprise as how much junk you own and how much of it hasn't gotten used since the Stone Age.

Start Making Piles

Once you put all of your items in your driveway, put every single item into two piles. In one pile, put every item that you have used and enjoyed within the previous year. Everything that you haven't used in a year or more immediately goes into your garbage cans. If the trash items remain too large to fit in your garbage cans, then you will need to bag them, load them into your vehicle, and take them to the dump. If you don't want to take your items to the dump, consider calling a mover San Antonio to take care of this onerous task.

If you don't want to take clothing or furniture to the trash, donate them to your local thrift store or another deserving charity. Put the remaining stuff for sale on websites such as eBay and apps such as LetGo. If you have to get rid of any toxic products like fertilizers, paints, and pesticides, ensure that you follow local guidelines for disposing of these items.

Go Back to School

You may have thought that you saw your last locker when you graduated from high school. But lockers found in your child's middle school hallways could double as garage storage. Find old school lockers from websites such as Craigslist, Etsy, and eBay. Once you get the lockers into your garage, you can appoint one locker to each family member. Not only do you get an instant storage solution, but you also get nostalgia added on to a job well done.

It's Time to Start Cleaning

Now you have the items that you're going to throw into the trash, donate to a charity, and keep. The time has come to clean your garage. Dust the shelves and clean away any cobwebs you may see. Sweep and mop the garage floor.

Use the Walls and Ceilings for Storage Purposes

Use ceiling and vertical spaces to store items once you clean out your garage. Using the walls and ceiling for storage can act as a beautiful way to make room for your vehicle. By using novel ways to store your possessions, you can ensure that your car won't run into things when it parks in your garage.

Use Wire Shelving for Storage

All it takes is one day of work to install shelves, hooks, and baskets onto your garage walls. This solution is not only cost-effective but will also save you a lot of time.

Start Putting Everything Back

You now cleaned your garage. Congratulations! You did all the hard parts of organizing. Use your new organization tools to put the items that you plan to keep in their new rightful places.

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