Licensing for Aircon Contractors


In Singapore, licensing is required by law for all air conditioning and refrigeration contractors. Making sure that your aircon contractor is licensed is the best way to avoid problems with local regulators as well as problems with work that has not been properly completed. Here are the basics with regard to licensing for air-condition contractors so that you can pick the best service for the job.

The BCA provides aircon licenses in Singapore. Therefore, if you want to check to see if a contractor is licensed it is best to start there. A reputable aircon service will provide you with the licensing information upfront so that it is easy for you to verify this information. If an aircon service is not forthcoming with this information, that may be a sign that the contractor is unlicensed and is working illegally.

What Does Licensing Involve?

Becoming a service that is licensed to install or service air conditioning or refrigeration systems means that the service must provide that they have a good understanding of issues related to fluorocarbon emissions. The service must also know how to safely install and repair air conditioning or refrigeration systems. This will keep emissions to a minimum. In addition, only licensed services are allowed to do anything other than plug-in an air conditioning unit or refrigerator. Other services that are not specifically licensed may not perform any repair work.

Helping to Keep You Safe

In addition to helping to maintain your safety and the environment, getting a trade license indicates that the business takes its work seriously. Working with a licensed service also means that you will have a method of seeking damages if there is a problem with the completed work.

Making Sure Credentials Are Up to Date

If you are planning to hire an air conditioning service, make sure that the company's license is up to date. Licenses must be renewed every three years. You should also check to see if any complaints have been made against the business. By doing a thorough check prior to hiring air conditioning contractor in Singapore, you can avoid most potential problems that can occur.

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