11 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid


When you are renovating a kitchen, you always want to have the most modern solution but is it always the best?

Here are 11 mistakes that you better avoid and you can check better solutions if you read this article till the end!

Underestimate Work Value 

Before doing anything, you need to know the maximum budget and be realistic about plans. Check some work and ask for more offers to get a general price. Be sure to calculate all work and find a way how to save money if you need to.  

Do It Alone 

It is economical to do some work alone, but kitchen renovation usually needs professional help. Talk with professionals and see if you can help or finish something alone, but it is a long-term investment that has to be done right at the first.

Don`t Know Your Needs 

Imagining the perfect kitchen is usually different from reality. Think about your situation, especially if you have a family, and ask for their needs. Also, think about how much time and energy you can invest in maintaining it and how to save time later.

Make It Impractical 

If you put cabins too high, you may find it difficult to use them every day. Also, if you lose a connected workflow and area for cooking, it may be problematic in later reality. See the bigger image and try to stay practical in most parts of it.

Overcrowding Small Space 

The whole idea of renovating a kitchen should be about opening space and making it visually more appealing. If you overcrowd a small kitchen, you may feel claustrophobic again, and it should be one of the most important rooms in the house. Rather use neutral colors and add more light to keep it visually open.

Making Impulsive Decision

Sometimes, you have to decide at that moment. But for crucial things be sure you consider it deeply. If you aren`t sure, ask for a second opinion or oversleep the decision. Also, write it down and check some bad and some good aspects.  

Appliances Are Chosen Last 

Be sure to choose the appliances first and then set money for renovation. They are the most crucial part and should be helpful and innovative. Also, if you choose quality appliances, you will have fewer problems after.

Don`t Use Space Potential 

Be aware of the space you are working in and try to use its full potential. If you can`t imagine everything, there are excellent 3D applications that can show you every part and possibility. Be sure to use every inch, especially for storage.  

Not Covering Nearby Rooms 

When you do some dusty and heavy work, be sure you have covered nearby rooms and elements. It won`t just save you from cleaning the dust later, but it protects it from mechanical damage. If you can, move to the other living area until all works are over.

Leaving Unnecessary Things

When you are completely changing the kitchen, be prepared to throw away all the unnecessary things you have used before. Check what are you using constantly and want to leave. Then, try to re-purpose some things and recycle them if you can. But, all the thing you didn`t use for ages donates or throw away because you will buy new accessories and need space for them.

Being Indecisive 

Indecisive moments can happen during the whole process, but making decisions slowly can slow down the whole project. This is not just a waste of time but can be of money, too. So think before and have a basic idea in your head before starting.


Renovating a kitchen can be a stressful period with many costs and decisions to make. To be fully prepared, take some time to organize the project and track it while you are working on it.

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