How to Save on the Materials for Your Kitchen Remodel


One of the main expenses that come with remodeling a kitchen is the cost of materials, which adds up to thousands of dollars. From quartz countertops to copper fixtures, each item can add up. If you want to cut your kitchen remodeling costs, there are a few supplies to purchase that will allow you to save more money.

Order Through the Contractor

Once you've made all of your selections, you may be excited to make the purchases. Instead of buying everything on your own, go through your contractor for the possibility of getting additional discounts. Most contractors have formed good relationships with vendors who will likely slash the price due to their loyalty. Make it a point to see the item in person and confirm that you like it before the transaction is made.

Consider Alternative Countertop Materials

You don't have to use the latest trending material on your countertops to create a beautiful kitchen. Granite and marble can cut into your budget when more affordable countertop options are available. Instead, opt for using butcher block on the outside of the countertop with granite in the middle or add concrete countertops, which are incredibly durable.

You can also contact fabricators to ask if they have any stone remnants left from previous jobs. The extra materials are often discounted for the public and are still in perfect condition.

Purchase Imitations

Try buying imitations and knock-offs because they look similar to the more expensive options but are priced lower. Solid hardwood floors have an average price tag of $14 per square foot but engineered oak flooring is only $3 per square foot and will still look just as beautiful.

Do Your Research

The more time and energy you spend researching and shopping around, the more money you'll end up saving. If you want to avoid paying full-price for an item and get a good deal, it's important to search online and in-person to view the items and check to see if they look appealing. Your contractor will give you a specific allowance for the feature, which may include name-brand products but finding an off-brand product can allow you to stay within your budget. You'll want to have the contractor confirm that the item will fit and will also complement its surroundings.

Instead of replacing an item, it might be just as beneficial to reface or refinish it, which will cut costs tremendously. For example with cabinets, you can also consider leaving the existing ones up and searching for "great cabinet refinishers near me" to update the materials, which will cost less than replacing the feature.

Finding out where contractors shop will also allow you to save more money because there are discounts available for larger purchases. The stores are open to the public and sell materials that are often unavailable in retail stores.

Consider Shopping at Resale Stores

Many homeowners are unaware that they can save more money on supplies by visiting resale stores. Resale stores like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore has multiple locations in the U.S. and offers quality materials that are in great shape. Many homeowners and contractors also list materials on Craigslist to get rid of products that are leftover from their design projects.

Shop at Supply Auctions

IRS auctions sell items to the public that have been seized. Auctions are an ideal place to look for quality appliances and fixtures if you know the value of the products ahead of time to ensure that you're getting a good deal. Research to understand how much everything is worth before you begin bidding to ensure that you know when to remove yourself from a bidding war.

Kitchen remodeling costs are often complicated due to all of the various items and materials that need to be purchased to transform the setting. With the help of a contractor and by doing plenty of research, you can allow yourself to save more money and have more wiggle room in your budget for other costs.

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