How to replace Fuses and Breakers

If something has gone wrong with the fuses or breakers in your home, you may be wondering what do to. Breakers are there to ensure that your home does not use too much power which will burn out the wiring in your home. Fuses serve a similar purpose but can burn out if they are overloaded. If you know how to fix issues with these items, you can ensure that your home has power at all times.

How to Turn a Tripped Breaker Back On

If you have heard a click sound come from your breaker box, this probably means that one of the breakers has gone down. You should find the breaker box and examine the breakers. If you can locate the breaker that is responsible, it will probably be in the partially turned off position. All you will need to do then is to turn it all the way off and then put it back into its original position. This will reset the power so that the power is working again.

If the breaker has been damaged or burned, then it will need to be replaced. Start by turning off the power in your home and then you can take the breaker out by removing it from the metal holding clips. Find the correct type at a local hardware store and then put it into the place where the old one was. Then simply turn the power back on.

How to Replace Fuses

If a fuse has burnt out, you can see it easily by examining the fuse box and noticing any burnt ones. A local hardware store can help you to find the right fuse. Then as with the breakers, you will simply need to put the fuse back into its original position in order to restore power.

While these repairs seem quick and easy, you must take care to make sure that the power is off so that you don't risk electrocution. In addition, finding parts for your fuse box or breaker box may take some time so you may want to get a professional involved instead. If you need help from a qualified electrician, qualified companies are available to assist you immediately to get your power working again. 

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