Good Qualities to be Checked in the Work of a Commercial Electrician


As the term “commercial” suggests, a commercial electrician mainly focuses on electrical systems and wiring in commercial buildings rather than any residential complexes. As far as their working fields are concerned, they work with the vast systems in larger complexes like office buildings, government offices, restaurants, shopping malls, and high rises. They are solely responsible for the installation and maintenance of electrical devices in commercial buildings. Let’s see in detail what these professionals do.

What do Commercial Electricians do?

The work of a commercial electrician is to install, maintain, and repair electrical systems in the commercial complexes. Not every common electrician can work as a commercial one. This is because they need to do an apprenticeship and must receive an electrician’s license to get involved in any high-level installation process. The large multistoried buildings are more like commercial ones rather than residential. The important duties of these electricians are enlisted below:

  • Installation of electrical equipment and wiring, like lights, switches, etc.

  • Repairing electrical components

  • A thorough inspection of electrical systems to ensure their performance

  • Fixing the root cause of the breakdown

  • Studying the technical drawings

  • Making thorough planning for the electrical systems for new construction

  • Understanding the state, local, and national guidelines for electrical and wiring systems

Qualities to Look for in the Work of a Commercial Electrician

As the installation and repair of any electrical systems is a job of utmost safety, it is mandatory to hire a professional electrician who can make it successful with proper discretion. So, before hiring one, make sure to look out for these important qualities:

  • Knowledge and Experience: Well, the commercial electrical works are much more complicated than the residential ones. So, it is mandatory to go through their CV before hiring them, as commercial projects require extensive professional expertise and experience. Also make sure to ask them about their experiences, type of training, knowledge, certificates, licenses, etc. before hiring them.

  • Extent of their services: Installation of an electrical system or equipment in a commercial building is not a facile task. Commercial spaces continuously require diversified needs for the installation of electrical systems and gadgets. While hiring a commercial electrician, make sure he not only helps with electrical installation, but can also do any replacements or upgrades later on, as well as maintenance if needed. 

  • Insurance and Licensing: An electrician who has undertaken a commercial property project should possess proper insurance and license to carry out the needed tasks. It is also legitimate to check the license of those electricians. A commercial building owner needs to ensure a plethora of liabilities while hiring these electricians. The insurance policy will cover them if they get any serious injuries while doing their job, or if something goes wrongful during the project.

  • Customer ratings: Before hiring any commercial electrician, make sure to check out their customer reviews. Positive online reviews will significantly help you to know about their past jobs, their customer experiences with them, the reviews provided by their customers on their services, along with their work portfolio and customer service.  Make sure that the one you hire has a high percentage of positive reviews in their favor.

  •  Dependability: This is one of the most important qualities that you must look in the work of a commercial electrician. The contribution and on-time presence of those electricians are the key factors that should be taken into consideration. Their dependability is at par with their previous roles and they should be motivated to be a part of your team.

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These aforementioned qualities should be taken into consideration before hiring a commercial electrician. If you want complete professionalism and adequate knowledge in your electrical works, make sure to check out these qualities in an electrician.

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