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As a homeowner, you only want to get a good and reliable contractor to be working on a project in your home. We wrote an article about how to plan for your home improvement project, so the next step is to get a contractor to get started. In order to get a good one, we offer the advice below when posting your job on, a platform that connects homeowners with better-quality contractors! 

1. Posting a job 

 Follow these simple tips while posting a job to ensure your post is attractive to contractors:

  • The first step is selecting the type of contractor you need to do the job. Make sure you select the contractor that will be best suited to complete the job correctly.
  • The second step is to decide what type of work you need the contractor to do. So if you need a plumber and want to have your water heater repaired choose the option that is closest to what you need to be done.
  • Filling out the description field is the most important. Give as much detail about the work that needs to be done. Providing the room size, what materials are needed, what needs to be removed, and what needs to be installed will help the Contractor to decide if they want to accept your job and will draw more interest to your job post.
  • Make sure that your budget is sufficient for the work to be completed. If your budget is too low, you may not get any interest. So if you want your kitchen tiled, your budget should be $800, not $100. Try to be realistic with the budget.

2. Why have I been asked to update a job?

Jobs lead with an unrealistic budget or very short descriptions may not get a response from Contractors. Remember that the contractor is actually buying your job details so they want to make sure they are getting a good quality lead. If no Contractors have responded within 3 days we ask you to update the job. 

3. Getting your 3 quotes 

Once you have posted your job we will do a quick check on your phone number and e-mail address to ensure the jobs we’re posting are of good quality. Once approved We will then contact all of the contractors who have the right skills and location to be able to quote. In other words, they are interested in your job. Up to 3 of them will be provided with your contact details depending on how many contractors actually purchase your lead.(see point 1) You’ll receive a phone call or message from the Contractor so that they can proceed with a quote. Your only obligation to use is that you allow all interested contractors to quote.

4. Choosing a Contractor 

Once you have received quotes from the contractors you can choose which Contractor to proceed with. Every Contractor has a web profile showing their company description, qualifications, accreditations, and any previous ratings from past customers. We advise using all of this information together with the quotation process to make a decision on whom to proceed with. This way you get good quality at a fair price. Its also highly recommended to ask for other recommendations, especially if the contractor is new to 

5. Giving feedback and ratings 

After the work has been completed please rate the contractor on the quality, value, and reliability of their work. This feedback is invaluable for future customers to choose the right contractor and is really important to help a good Contractor grow their businesses. 

Following these 5 simple steps will enable you to get the best experience from If you have any questions just use the comment form down below or go to our ask an expert for professional advice, we will be happy to answer. At we strive to bring you better-quality contractors.

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