How to Brighten Your Home's Exterior


An exterior of the house is as important as its interior. There more to it than just mowing the lawn and planting the flower. It takes time and dedication to turn your home’s exterior into something not only neighbours and passer-bys will admire, but something you will enjoy. Besides the obvious aesthetic reasons, taking care of your home’s exterior is also the matter of keeping your house in good shape and making sure that it stays that way.

Door makeover

Changing the look of your front door can give a completely different look and feel to your house. If you’re not interested in buying a new door, consider then painting the old one. If the door is not too damaged, you can paint right over the old colour. If you replace the door knob and add a knocker you can even change the whole door design. If you feel overly inspired, you can play with colours and patterns to give your door more distinguished and unique look. The only thing you have to make sure is that your door doesn’t stand out too much from the rest of the house.


Freshen up the garage

Rarely anyone gives a second thought to the garage door since usually, people see them more as the storage facility than part of the house. Be as it may, garage doors are part of the overall house appearance, and they look can affect your home's exterior design. Garage doors are actually a perfect place to wake up your inner artist and make it your personal work of art. Their size just begs for some colourful and imaginative motifs. If you feel that the outer façade of your house is boring, you can use the garage door to spice it up.

Redo the windows

Windows are the thing that stands out on the house. There’s always more than one on each side and so the shape they’re in can tell a long story. Just like doors, windows are the essential and inseparable part of the house design. You can change them, of course, but if all they need is some touching up then you shouldn’t hesitate one bit. Consider installing new shutter, in some interesting colour to accentuate their position on the house. Shutters will give your home that natural and rustic look and at the same time create the feeling of cosiness and warmth.



Renovate the deck

Over time, outside of your home tends to deteriorate due to the environmental conditions. This means that sooner or later, your old deck will need some remodelling and refreshing. This actually doesn't have to take long like many people think, and sometimes it can be done over the weekend or in a couple of days.

If you have concrete flooring you can paint it or draw on it some patterns or tiles, in any colour you want. A wooden floor can be washed and then varnished to make it durable and shiny again. When it comes to furniture, consider buying a new one since that will definitely change the look of your deck, but if that proves to be too expensive, repaint it or put some new cushions on it.

Attend to your garden

The state of your windows and doors can be masked with paint, ornaments and accessories, but your garden will require hard work and constant care to be in perfect and presentable shape. If you don’t have the time to dedicate yourself to gardening, plant low maintenance plants and use Hoselink oscillating water sprinkler systems which will take care of some portion of gardening for you. But if you’d like to try out as the gardener, grow different plants and play with designs, create your little oasis where you can enjoy with friends and family.


Set the lighting

Proper lighting can set up the mood and be the final touch which will emphasize the exterior of your home. Today, you can choose from various types of lights and lanterns. An important thing to remember is that light is used to enhance the overall feel and atmosphere your house radiates, and give it a glow. Try stepping outside of your comfort zone, and play with shadows and illuminations. Choose different brightness for different parts of your home. A path leading to the front door can have small lamps illuminating your way. You can use lanterns in the garden to give it that old and dreamy setting.


Your home is considered to be the extension of you and your inner self. That’s why redecorating and cleaning is therapeutic for most people and is highly advisable in the moments of distress. These small suggested changes to your home’s exterior will have the same effect. Seeing your work every time you walk towards the front door or looking at your garden from your window will make you proud of yourself for finishing such a small but significant project.

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