How to Boost Curb Appeal on a Budget

You may have big dreams for your backyard, but you might also lack the resources to make the changes you want. That doesn't mean you can't create a backyard space that fills you with pride and represents your unique tastes. By making use of some money-saving tips, you can transform your outdoor living space into an enjoyable area and one that boosts the home's value.

Create a Living Wall

You can create a look that may seem extravagant to visitors, but one that is easy and cheap to do. When you espalier a tree, you take a young sapling and use horticulture techniques to grow it in a specific pattern. As the tree grows, you manipulate the branches and tie them in place to ensure they grow in a specific direction. The end result is a textured living wall that will improve the feel of your yard and impress guests.

Restore Existing Patio Furniture

If you have old patio furniture, you can restore it with a little spray paint and by replacing worn and weather-stained straps. Similarly, you can buy used patio furniture at a yard sale for less than you would spend in-store and revitalize it yourself. In addition to saving a few bucks, this allows you to customize the furniture to your liking. You might choose a color scheme that's uncommon with commercial patio furniture, which allows you to infuse your patio with your own sense of style.

Keep Mosquitoes Away Naturally

One of the biggest drawbacks to spending time in your backyard is that you and your guests will attract unwanted attention from mosquitoes. While there are candles and sprays that can help keep these pests away, there is a way to accomplish this more naturally. Buy adult lemongrass plants from your local grocery store or garden center. When you plant the lemongrass around your patio, they will act as natural insect repellents. It will last longer, if you trim the tips of the leaves and cut away any dead parts, before storing them around the patio. They will make an attractive addition to the yard and your guests will never suspect that they serve such a useful purpose.

Build a Patio

Suppose you don't have a patio, but you would like one. The simplest way to do this is to buy some wooden pallets and place them together in the shape you have in mind for your patio. You can use the wood from extra pallets to fill in the spaces on each pallet, so you'll have a more complete and sturdier patio floor. Paint and decorate the wood however you choose and allow them to dry, before setting them in place.

Use an Outdoor Rug to Add Style

Even though your savings may be tied up in investments through a site like Options Animal, there are still ways that your spare change can help you bolster the look of your yard. For instance, buy a large outdoor rug and set down on your deck or patio. You can select a rug that complements a specific color scheme or choose one that appeals to your sense of style.

Start Collecting Stones

The next time you go hiking or take a walk on the beach, watch for large stones you see in your travels. By collecting them, you can gather enough to create a stone walkway in your backyard. Once you get them home, you can clean them off and paint them so they're all the same color. You might choose to line the walkway with plants, lanterns, or other decorations.

The best way to improve your home's curb appeal and enhance its usability as a space for entertaining is to take advantage of Mother Nature's free gifts. reclaiming wood, stones, and other natural materials can help you add beauty to your yard. While some projects may take longer than others, each item you add to your backyard will speak to your unique tastes.

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