Easy Tips to Clean Up Your Property


Every year when the weather gets nice you can find your friends and neighbors doing the same thing as last summer-cleaning up their property. Junk accumulates over time and things just need organized. Whether that means discarding them or simply finding a new home for misplaced essentials, they all have to go somewhere.

Spring cleaning is a real phenomenon, and it’s about time that you got in on the act. The only problem is that it’s more difficult than it might seem. What do you do with all the junk? How do you get rid of it or where do you find extra room to place the things that you want to keep around? While your significant other may be begging for you to get rid of a possession, you may find value in it. Or vice-versa. And don’t forget that you have to find a place to put all those things that you want to hang on to. There are plenty of tough decisions to be made, but we are here to help.

Spring Cleaning!

Nearly three-quarters of the population participates in spring-cleaning every year. Sometimes the scouring may bleed over into the summer, but you get the idea. Nearly every person you know is taking advantage of the nice weather to make their property look sharp. That total doesn’t even include the almost ten percent of the population who spring-clean every other year.

It’s suggested that you should clean area-by-area. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Whether you’re starting with your garage, outdoor space, or kitchen, just try to tackle it one at a time. After that, you can move on to the next one. Of course you still will need an overall strategy. Something simple and effective-like these few tips.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

You probably don’t need that old doorframe. You can even get rid of those old tires. And you certainly should ditch the old boat you haven’t used in almost five years. Sometimes the best route to unloading such items is through donation. Donate an old boat, recycle the metal frame, and send the tires to be repurposed. It’s that easy to help someone else and yourself at the same time.

Surely there are countless other items stocked up in your garage, shed, or porch that you can do the same with. Determining what you do and don’t need is a tough task at first, but if you have to think about it for more than a few minutes, you are probably best served by throwing it away. For everything else, you can find a spot that will easily hide your clutter and make it more accessible.

Get Creative With Storage Space

Use the crawl space, the roof over the porch, and even the bedroom. There are a million places to stick all your possessions if you get a little creative. One you might not have thought of is above your porch roof. Or perhaps you add shelving underneath a bed. The key is not so much finding space to put your belongings as it is making that space usable. So whenever you see wasted area in your house, think about converting it into shelving or cubicles to store things that you want to hold on to.

Have a Yard Sale

It doesn’t get easier than having a yard sale. Pick up a few tables and throw all your junk on them. You might even get people to give you money! The only recipe needed is a nice day. The neighbors will flock when they see everything you’re ready to move on from. Just remember that money is a bonus. You want to get rid of these items.

Rent a Storage Unit

Not everyone can afford the expense of a storage unit, but it’s the best option if you just can’t let go. Your possessions will be kept safe and in good condition. It’s hard to ask for more than that.

Burn the Rest

First things first: Make sure you are burning safely. This has to do with both how you burn and what you burn. Not just everything can go into a burn barrel. Go ahead and try, you’ll likely find the local authorities putting a stop to your fun. And keep in mind that there are health risks when burning items, so just make sure you do a little research beforehand.

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