EASE Package for the Elderly: FAQ and Costs


The EASE Direct Application has been available to HDB flats in all towns since 2013. This offer is designed to benefit the elderly who would like to get improvements earlier prior to HIP, or those whose blocks are not eligible for HIP. On 1 August 2014, the age qualification for EASE Direct Application was lowered in order to enable before seniors to benefit from the EASE programmeThe EASE Direct Application has been available to HDB flats in all towns since 2013. 

For applicants that applied for EASE Direct Application prior to 1 August 2014, the flat owner can re-apply if the installation works have not started yet in order to obtain the benefits of the enhanced EASE package. If the improvement items have already been installed then, the flat owner can apply only for improvement items for the second toilet as specified by the enhanced EASE programme.

Criteria for Eligibility 

Singapore Citizen flat owners must have a person that is elderly, of 65 years or older, living in the household or the Singapore Citizen flat owner must have one member of the household between 60 to 64 years old that needs assistance in Activities of Daily Living.

Singapore Citizens that are eligible for EASE can select from one or all three of the improvements that are included in the EASE package. EASE improvements include: 

  • the installation of a slip-resistant treatment to the floor tiles that have already been installed for two bathrooms or toilets
  • up to 10 grab bars can be installed for the first toilet in the flat and up to 6 grab bars for the second toilet
  • up to 5 ramps to handle level differences within the flat or near the single-step main entrance to the flat 

The costs for the programme are minimal because EASE is highly subsidised at up to 95 percent of the total costs. The total costs for using all of the improvement items of the EASE programme is estimated at $2,500. However, with the subsidy, the cost to the applicant may be roughly $125 to $312.50. The final amounts are not made known until the work begins. These amounts are merely estimates. For elderly individuals that reside in rental blocks, the entire cost of the improvement items are funded by the Government.

What you pay is shown here:

For the Application form download here: Form1 



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