Dealing With The Inconvenience of Mold Growth


Mold is a frequent occurrence in old as well as new properties. In fact, any house that has a leaky pipe or other wet spots that have gone unnoticed for some time become a breeding ground for mold. This inconvenient matter ails millions of homes worldwide and can lead to extremely dangerous and life-threatening living conditions. According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization in 2009, annually approximately 1.5 million deaths are associated with indoor air pollution due to mold and other biological agents on a global scale. Furthermore, a great percentage of new childhood asthma cases can also be attributed to indoor mold exposure.

The first step of dealing with mold

First and foremost, you must identify mold growth in your property, i.e. the exact spot that is infested by it. If you notice it in time, the damage will most likely be minimal and something you can handle without the help of an expert. However, if you’re dealing with big, dark, fast-spreading spots, the best solution would be to call a professional in this field, who can assess and appropriately deal with the problem.

If you are unsure whether or not your house is infested, testing it for mold is a safe and smart solution, as it can spread throughout the basement and other rooms without displaying visible signs until the infestation becomes severe.

Mold-prone spots in the house

The basement, is in most cases, the darkest place in the house. It is also the spot with a great number of pipes. In the case of a pipe leak in the basement that goes unnoticed, mold infestation can grow rampant and spread throughout the space in a very short amount of time, as wet and dark rooms are the perfect environment for mold growth.

If you wash your carpet but fail to dry it properly, its lower layer also becomes a great breeding ground for mold, which is often hard to notice.

Wear the proper apparel

If you decide to deal with mold growth on your own, make sure you are properly equipped for the job. This means that you will need a pair of protective rubber gloves, goggles, and a Tyvek body suit. These items serve as protective wear that prevents any contact between the mold and your eyes and skin. This is an important aspect of eradicating mold on your own, as any contact with toxic mold can cause unpleasant symptoms such as rash, respiratory issues, runny eyes, and nose.

Mold infestations can vary from mild to severe. The sooner you notice it, the easier it will be to eliminate the problem. Addressing the issue of mold growth on time can also help you avoid serious health issues like asthma, rash, and fatigue, which can seriously affect the quality of life.

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