5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Rug


Kitchen rugs can be a luxurious piece that gives the home an extra pop of color. Besides minimizing slippery floors, rugs also have the added function of protecting your floors whether it be hardwood, linoleum, or tile.

Choosing the best rug for your kitchen can be a difficult decision, moreover, a lot of people don’t really know what to look for.

When choosing the perfect kitchen rug for your home, there are several factors that one should consider. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the best buying decision.

1. The right material

Start by choosing the right material. From there, you can choose the design that makes the best use of your kitchen space. The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the house which is why kitchen rugs are prone to a lot of dirt, messes and spills so it must be stain resistant.  It is best to go with durable materials. We usually think of kitchen rugs as made of jute, cotton, wool, which are natural fibres. But there are other options that are just as stylish and luxurious as natural fibres like polypropylene and nylon.

2. Consider the floor layout and size

Make sure to properly measure the available space where you want to place the kitchen rug so it won’t overwhelm the overall look of the kitchen. The layout of the kitchen usually determines the best shape and size of rug that will suit your space

3.  Have your comfort in mind

Decide what physiological support you need from a kitchen rug. The material can determine whether you can use it to cushion your body, most especially the knees, foot or the back. If you need to use a kitchen rug for a considerable amount of time in the kitchen while cooking, washing dishes, or preparing meals - you can opt for an anti-fatigue kitchen mat. It’s been proven to significantly reduce stress and strain on the body that may result from prolonged standing

4. Consider your lifestyle

A kitchen rug should fit your lifestyle. If kids and pets are a huge part of your life, consider getting a pet-friendly rug. It should be durable yet soft and thick at the same time for it to withstand high foot traffic, pets, kids and spills. It should be easily washable with soap and water for it to be safe and not be a breeding ground for germs, ticks, and mites. Also worth mentioning that it should have a non-slip backing for the safety of our prized kids and fur-babies. Best if it won’t require you to spend on professional cleaning services.

5. It should coordinate with your kitchen décor

Choose a kitchen rug that would pair well with your other décor in the kitchen area. The right one can add warmth and depth as kitchens are traditionally seen as family-friendly spaces. Besides giving off a cozy vibe, it should also add to the beauty of the interior design.

We should love decorating with a bit of flair even if it's for the humble space in the home which is the kitchen. Selecting an area rug that enhances the décor enhances the beauty of the house. The kitchen is not just a place where you cook meals and eat but it’s also a space where family and friends gather to share love and memories. 

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