6 Ways How Knobs Add to Aesthetics of doors


We understand how designing and decorating your home could be one sacred matter for many. And rightly so!

When it comes to the interior of the home, every little detail matters. Each and every piece got to be in sync with each other or otherwise, it can really ruin the whole look. From paint, ceiling, curtain rods to curtains to doors; everything matters. Even that knob matters guys! Yes, other than ensuring your safety and privacy, doorknobs surely are an essential part of the aesthetic game when it comes to home decor.

We kid you not when we say that deciding which knob to go for is probably the most complicated thing ever. This is that very little detail which can either break your house decor or make it and eventually take the interior to the next level.

Therefore, without a further delay, let's see how knobs contribute to the aesthetics of the door, and to the overall ambiance of the interior of your house.

  1. They Add to the Colour Palette

To begin with, selecting a wall-paint colour of the house is the base for other things to be decided. Once you are through this dilemma, the rest of the things start falling into place. However, often a time minutiae like door knobs are often not paid much attention. As a result, with not so well thought choice, many tend to miss out on the visual delight factors.

This is why we say that no matter how small it seems, the detail matters as it formally shapes the aesthetics of a house. 

If you have a paint which is bright and vivid, you might want to choose a knob with a neutral tone, such as brown, black or grey. This will coincide with bright colour and add a subtle and sophisticated image. Similarly, if there is a need for a pop of colour amidst a simple backdrop, then knobs are a perfect way to add one. Or someone who wants to try something new and happening, then floral knobs is quite in demand now. They will add just the right amount of colour to the overall look considering their size and shape!

  1. Electronic Door Knobs

These kinds of knobs come with the ability of being unlocked both through a keypad or key. These are the knobs which are considered the most secured of all. In addition, they add up to a sophisticated appeal and enhance the house décor in the most stylish manner.

If you are someone who wants an overlook to come off rather more contemporary, then these knobs will surely live up in terms of aesthetics. They can even be for someone who likes some grand stuff and let's just say someone who is extra, ha!

For someone who wants to experiment a bit and break free from the monotony, electronic door knobs will serve them the best.

  1. Satin Nickel Knobs

Speaking of satin nickel knobs, these have a nice, simple and traditional appeal. If you happen to be someone who needs to renovate the house real quick, then these knobs are for you. They are super easy to install as well as to lock and unlock. The satin nickel knobs mostly come standard round shapes in combination with simple latches. 

The best part is that due to their simple appeal, they won't mess when it comes to the aesthetics of your home decor. They can blend in very easily with whatever theme your room or house has. They are quite sleek and chic and we guess that is the main priority of anyone looking for a quick fix.

  1. Glass or Crystal Knobs

There is no denying the fact that anything made of glass or crystal automatically makes it synonymous to elegance. There are some things and choices which prove to be evergreen and a glass knob is one of them. If there is anything they exude is sheer gracefulness in addition to pure exquisiteness. This is the reason they have always been so popular and just never seem to go out of style; not yesterday, today or tomorrow! They are perfect for someone who is looking in to add a touch of royalty to the interior of their house.

We recommend fixing this up with a backing of gold and silver colour in addition to a classic shank to truly bring out the elegance factor. However, you got to be cautious considering the fact that they can contribute to fire should sunlight passes through it. This is because they act as a magnifying glass.

  1. Brass Knobs

This is one material which is considered as the durable of all. Typically, they come in shiny or bright shades with a touch of satin. This appearance gives it a very antique appeal. And this is what makes it to stand out! This is ideal for a house where the owner is looking to add a vintage aura due to its colour and overall look. 

And who does not like vintage? To put it exactly, the silvery-gold colour makes it unique and has such vibrancy that it can literally bring any room with otherwise a dull look to pure life. The best part of having a brass knob is that they are extremely easy to clean. So, you are free of the hassle!

  1. Ceramic Knobs

The ceramic knobs are quite a trend now. These are by far the most creative options out there in the market. They add an instant splash of colour and a dimension to a plain or stagnant room. In addition, some businesses like knobbles and bobbles can even go an extra mile to further customise it as per the customers’ desired style sheet.

They are meant for individuals with a little flashy or let's say a fancy taste. These come with a type which is especially hand-crafted and this makes them an even more unique choice. These manage beautifully to live up to the aesthetics and in fact, further, add a rather fun element to the entire look.

You may flaunt your sleek sense of interior designing by paying heed to the little things that eventually make a big difference in the overall look of your living space. These little touch-ups can inspire your visitors as well as your friends and family members and they can be all praise for your great style sense when it comes to your home’s interior design.

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