5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

If you are looking to save a bit more money, cutting down on your electricity bill is a good place to start. There are some simple ways to do this and you can start seeing the improvements as quickly as next month's electricity bill. Here are 5 simply ways to cut down your electricity bill right now.

1. Switch to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs can help you to save a significant amount of energy due to the fact that they put out the same amount of light while using less wattage. Most energy efficient bulbs are also designed so that the fit standard fixtures with ease. While the initial costs of these bulbs are significantly more than ones that are not energy efficient, the results will be seen in an electric bill that is much lower.

2. Use Surge Protectors

If you have a lot of electronics in your home such as a TV, computers, video game consoles and other devices, surge protectors can help. By turning off the devices but leaving them plugged into a surge protector, you can reduce the amount of energy that is used. In addition, this will also make it easier to power on and power off your devices with ease.

3. Get Rid of Unused Appliances

Unplugging appliances that aren't being used can help to reduce your electricity bill. If you look on your kitchen counter, you may find that there are a number of kitchen appliances that are plugged in that you rarely use. Either get rid of the appliances or make sure that they are unplugged at all times. 

4. Reduce the Temperature for Your Heater

Water heaters can use a significant amount of electricity on a daily basis. By simply reducing the temperature of the heater, you can lower your electricity bill. Instead of having to cool super hot water by turning on the cold water, reducing the temperature can provide the same effect while also reducing your electricity bill.

5. Get Rid of Outdated Appliances

If you have appliances in your home that are not energy efficient, then you should make sure to get updated versions of these appliances. By not replacing these appliances, you could be spending way more than your original investment to provide electricity for these appliances

If you need assistance with updating the appliances in your home or making your home more energy efficient, a qualified home electrician can help. Click here to request your free quotes today.

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