4 Reasons Why Your AC Unit Stops Working

If you are having problems with your aircon unit and are not sure if you need professional help from an air conditioning service, there are a number of situations that can help you to decide. Many common issues with aircon units are easily fixable if a trained professional is available to take the job. Here are 4 of the most common problems with AC units. These symptoms are good signs that you need professional help as soon as possible. 

1. Air Conditioner Is Not Working Properly

If your AC unit is making a funny noise or is not cooling the air as it normally does, that is a good indication that something is wrong. In this case, you will want to give an air conditioner service a call as soon as possible. If the air conditioner is not working properly, it is a good idea that you turn it off right away and leave it until the technician arrives.

2. Frozen Condenser

From time to time frozen condensers can cause air conditioners to cease working. If there is a problem with the condenser, the aircon unit will be unable to cool the air in your home. A professional can help you fix this problem.

3. Clogged Air Filters and Dirty Evaporators

Air filters don't last forever and can often become clogged with dirt and debris if they are not cleaned and replaced regularly. A clean air filter is also needed to ensure that your home stays clean and the air inside your home is good to breathe. Make sure that you get the air filter for your AC unit cleaned on a regular basis as a part of maintenance services for your AC unit. The evaporator is another place to look inside the air conditioner for dirt buildup. If the evaporator is dirty, the air conditioner will not function properly.

4. Leaks of Refrigerant

Refrigerant is required in order to cool down the air in your home. If the refrigerant has leaked out of the air condition, it is very likely that your air conditioner will stop working. Call a repair technician right away to figure out how to stop the leak and to ensure that any leaks are cleaned up so that they do not cause harm to you or your family.

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