3 Top Reasons Why Air Conditioners Leak Water

If your air conditioner is leaking water, it may be difficult to figure out where the problem is coming from. Often water leaks can simply appear to be a build up of condensation, but many times this is not the case. Before you decide to give up and just put a bucket down to catch the water, here are 3 explanations that could mean that you really need to call an air con repair service.

1. Drainage Pipe Is Clogged

A clogged drainage pipe is a common reason that an air conditioner might leak water. If the drainage pipe has become clogged after build-up has formed, the water will begin to flow through the indoor air-con instead of out of the drainage pipe. The dirt that is causing the clog will need to be removed by using a process known as a chemical flushing. A professional should perform this service.

2. Long Drainage Pipe

A drainage pipe is another reason why an air con might leak water. A drainage pipe is often installed so that the air conditioner unites all share the main drainage pipe to the toilet. This situation causes dirt to build up at the main drainage pipe which causes the air con to leak. 

To solve this issue a drainage pipe that has a larger diameter should be installed so that there is a lower probability that it will get clogged. Another option is to install a second drainage pipe so that the water can properly flow out.

3. Drainage Pipe Lacks a Gradient

Water leakage can also be caused by a drainage pipe that lacks a gradient. Some air conditioner installation companies make the mistake of installing the drainage pipe so that it is too horizontal. This can cause the drainage pipe to become clogged easily. Instead the drainage pipe should be adjusted so that it is at a slight incline and will be able to push the dirt out as well as drain the water.

By making sure that your air con drainage pipe is properly installed, you can avoid the headache of having a leaky air conditioner. If the mistake has already been made, a air con contractor can sort out the problem quickly and easily for you.

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