3 Tips for More Attractive Project Implementation Timing

Any home improvement project can be overwhelming. But things can go smoothly with some tricks and the right equipment! Here are three tips for a less stressful, more attractive home renovation project implementation.

Plan Ahead

A successful project implementation starts with sufficient planning. Renovating your home isn’t something you just thought about in a snap and get started on the next day. Without proper planning, you might end up with a long, strenuous, unorganized, and most of all costly project. During the planning phase, here are some important things to consider:

Work out a budget. The first step in planning a renovation project is to determine your budget. How much money you are willing to spend will determine what you are able to do. Are you simply planning to repaint your home or are going for a full-blown remodeling? What specific areas of the house do you wish to redo? The cost of renovating a kitchen is surely not the same with the cost of renovating a bathroom or a bedroom.

Gather inspiration. Once you’ve identified the budget (which probably gave you a little headache), now is the time for the fun part! You want to put together some ideas on how you want your space to look and feel like. Gladly, you have plenty of resources, from magazines to the World Wide Web (such as Pinterest, Houzz, etc.). If designing isn’t your thing, you can always seek help from professional designers. It can cost you additional money but if you’re after achieving a coherent design and saving space, you will benefit from working with professionals.

Find the right contractors. This is another tricky part but definitely the most important. If you’re hiring contractors to do the job, you should take time to look around for the right people.  Talk to three or more contractors and compare quotes. You can ask friends and relatives for referrals or call BBB for more information. A big part of the success of your home improvement project depends on your contractors.

Get a final cost breakdown. Before the project starts, you need to make a detailed cost breakdown of your home renovation plan. If you have a tight budget, you can drop a few less important things off your list or tweak the materials.

Use the right tools

Now you’re ready to get started!

Did you know there are some tools that aren’t really required during a home renovation project but can greatly save you lots of time, money and effort? Here they are:

Air Scrubbers and Purifiers – one of the most common concerns of homeowners during construction or renovation projects is air quality. There’s likely to be a huge wave of dust as your contractors start revamping your space. Include the smell of paint and other toxic chemicals and solutions used during renovations. Consider renting a commercial grade air scrubber. Place one air scrubber within the work area and another one outside and leave them running throughout the renovation period. These power tools help maintain good air quality within your home by filtering dusty air and replacing it with clean one. You will also benefit from using air purifiers in bedrooms. Take note that you and your family are sleeping there for five hours or more so you want to make sure that your air space is clean as dust and other pollutants can easily penetrate through doorways.

Humidifiers – when repainting a house, it’s easy to overlook one of the most important factors to get optimal results: humidity. Many people think that environmental elements such as humidity and temperature don’t affect interior paint jobs. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the surrounding air. When the humidity is low, air attempts to get moisture from anything, including your newly painted walls. While it speeds up drying time, it negatively affects the paint’s appearance. the paint-filled pores will dry out and possibly even crack or peel.

Minimize inconvenience!

Renovation can bring a lot of inconvenience to your household. Luckily, there are tips and tricks that can give you comfort when you need it the most!

Pitch a temporary camp. Are you renovating your kitchen? Minimize the inconvenience by setting up a temporary one away from it. Don’t forget to move your fridge and microwave oven there so you can continue making light meals at home.

Pack away your valuables. Do it before the work begins. Take steps to protect immovable items, such as built-in cabinets, fixtures, and chandeliers.

Prep your cleaning supplies. Mess can get out of your control. Be sure to everything you need for easy home and yard cleanup, including vacuum, broom, mop and dust pan.

Home improvement is both fun and stressful. Basically, you’re anticipating beauty after chaos. But going through the chaos is surely tough. Hope these three tips can help you implement a smooth, convenient, and speedy home construction or renovation project.

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