3 Secrets Air conditioning Contractors Don't Want You to Know


When to comes to aircon services, not all services are made alike. There are some aircon services that are simply not trustworthy in that they like to hide things from their customers. Before you call an aircon service to service your air conditioning unit, it is important to understand what to watch out for so that you don't end up having problems. Here are 3 secrets that air conditioning contractors don't want to know.

1. Using the Right Cleaning Chemicals

Some aircon companies clean air conditioners by brushing and vacuuming them. Each time this is done, dangerous mould and dust particles can be released into the air. If these spores are breathed in, they could cause serious health problems. Therefore, this practice should be avoided. Instead, a reputable air condition company should use lab certified chemicals to clean your air conditioner. Less reputable services won't tell you that these chemicals are available, so it is important for you to ask for them.

2. Ask for a Larger Diameter Drain Pipe

When it comes to split unit air conditioners, ensuring that the drain pain is at least 1/2 inch in diameter or larger is essential so that the pipe won't choke. Smaller drain pipes will leak easily, which will what a bad air conditioning contractor wants so that they can perform service repairs.

3. Avoid Full Chemical Services

When it comes to full chemical services for your air conditioning unit, this service usually involves tearing down the entire coil can can be expensive. The way in which bad aircon services convince you to use the full chemical cleaning service is by getting you to commit to a long term contract and using the brushing and vacuuming method to service each job, which is ineffective. Doing full chemical cleaning services on a regular basis could harm your air conditioner over the long term due to the caustic chemicals.

If you are ready to find an honest aircon service, there are services in Singapore that will meet your needs. 


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