3 Best Maintenance Practices for Your Automatic Gate Installation


As everyone knows an automatic gate is a type of gate that opens automatically. This type of door requires installation and needs to be done in a careful manner for it to efficiently function. These doors perform the best utility function and allow people to walk in and out. In order to get the best shelf life for the gate, there are a number of things that one should follow. In most cases, one should perform all these tasks properly to get a completely functional and operational automatic gate. Sometimes, you can find some technical issue in your automatic gates and you cannot solve such problems with your DIY tools. In this case, you need to rely on the professional automatic gate repairs and they will maintain your gate on a regular basis. 

The first and important point is to ensure that the automatic gate installation is carried out with safety in mind. Example: one has to ensure whether the safety sensors are working properly along with the forces and speeds of the door. This can be ensured is by having a professional maintenance contract that can take care of the factors properly. BS EN S16005 suggests that you have a professional maintenance schedule. This is common and helps in avoiding a lot of faults. Some of the good practices for maintaining gates are:

  1. Track Lubrication

In addition to ensuring that after your automatic gate installation and keeping the tracks clean, one should apply a lot of lubrication. It should be applied right at the top and bottom of the rails to ensure clear operation. One should also put the lubricant on the locks of the door. This helps in removing the grim and other parts of the door that are moving.

  1. Slide Locking Bar Installation

The gate should be locked tight after one complete day of automatic closing and opening operations. During the automatic gate installation, there is a slide locking bar installed as well. This helps in improving the security levels of the buildings. This metal frame helps a lot by ensuring that the door track does not open even if the latching lock is damaged or detached. Almost every new automated gate has the side locking bar. So, during the automatic gate installation, you need to install the side locking bar properly and it can be done by the trained professionals only. 

  1. Installing a Commercial Lock

After the automatic gate installation, one always should have a lock that will improve the overall security and operation. Locks that are commercial should be used for height replacement and adjustments as needed by the door. Usually, a lock that is commercial contains two bolts for locking operations. These are usually attached to bolts made out of steel. One can also attach wire alarm systems during automatic gate installation. 

Other Kinds of Self Maintenance

  • One can look for debris or objects causing obstruction. This step helps in avoiding larger issues or problems that can make the repairs in future costs. So, if you want to save your further maintenance or replacement cost then you need to maintain your doors properly and you must install the automatic gate by maintaining all guidelines. 

  • Listening to the sound of the gate. One can pause and listen to the sound of the gate while passing through the gate. Since you go through the door on a daily basis, you will be familiar with the sound. Any noticeable change can help in identifying issues much earlier than possible.

One can also run tests in order to confirm if the approach to the sensors will make the function of the gate to work properly. All these are good steps when it comes to measures that should be followed after automatic gate installation. Always rely on professionals for automatic gate installation and contact the experts if you find any issues or difficulties with your installations.  

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