13 Simple Tips To Keeping A Tidy House All The Time


A house is undoubtedly a great investment. People are willing to pour their heart, soul, and money to make a home. If you are looking to renovate, refinance or build your own home, a great home loan guide should help you. If you already own one, the next concern is its maintenance – keeping it safe, cozy and clean.

Keeping a tidy house all the time is like a dream that will never come true for most people. However, the reality is that it is not about the time you spend cleaning, it’s about developing good habits that keep the house clean all the time.

Here are some things that you can do to keep your house tidy and free from piles of ugly and stressful mess:

1. Start with the bed.

Contrary to what some people think, making the bed as soon as you get up is essential, as it starts off your day well. It makes all the difference in making a bedroom look tidy, and there is no reason to skip this as it is quick to do.

2. Declutter.

This step may take some time, but setting it aside to organize your home seriously will dramatically reduce the effort needed to clean. Designate a spot for everything that’s accessible and simple to put away.

Items you are not using anymore can be sold or donated while defective ones need to go. 1300 Rubbish Removal service is highly recommended for getting rid of residential trash.

3. Do a load of laundry daily.

If you need to do seven loads of laundry per week, it’s simpler to do just one per day. If you go to work during the day, you can just place the load in your machine in the morning before you go and do it when you get home. Doing this can help you save time.

4. Dry your bathroom sink.

Take a few seconds of your time to dry your sink to remove spots and keep it looking clean.

5. Empty the dishwasher before breakfast.

This step will make it simpler for you to load used dishes in the dishwasher later in the day. This way, dirty dishes don’t pile up in the counter or sink. Turn the dishwasher on before going to bed.

6. Keep shoes outside.

Shoes bring mud, grass, dirt, and who knows what else. Keeping your shoes by the entrance will reduce the time needed to clean the floors.

7. Designate a 15-minute cleaning time before dinner.

Engage the family to do a 15-minute cleanup time before dinner.

Have the kids clean their rooms or do simple household chores while you concentrate on the kitchen cleaning or putting away the laundry. Begin cleaning up in places with the greatest mess.

8. Get prepped for tomorrow.

As soon as the kids go to sleep, prepare everyone’s things and clothes for tomorrow. Use this time to pre-set the coffeemaker, prep breakfast, lunches, and dinner. Check everyone’s schedules for the next day and place needed items by the front door or in the car.

9. Minimize buying items with packaging.

When you buy things in a package, you take it out and get rid of the package. You usually just toss the packaging into the garbage or recycle. The less packaging you need to dispose, the fewer the trash you need to deal with.

10. Schedule a weekly home cleanup.

Set aside an hour each week for the whole family to do major cleaning chores like mopping, vacuuming, changing the sheets and so on.

11. Get the kids involved.

It is usually tempting (and often simpler) for parents to do the work by themselves but getting the kids to do age-appropriate tasks will be better for everyone in the long run.

Start by having the children pick up after themselves. Teach them to put their shoes and coat away when they come in, clean their room, or place dishes in the dishwasher.

12. Place cleaning supplies where they are often used.

Have cleaning supplies in the bathroom and the kitchen. If you own more than one bathroom, keep cleaning supplies in each one.

This way, it will be simpler to give the toilet a quick clean instead of having to look for cleaning supplies first. Try doing simple tasks as you see them such as wiping the mirror or sink and it will reduce the times you need to do a deep cleaning.

13. Keep an eye on high traffic areas of the house.

Keep high traffic areas clean daily to prevent the spread of dust and dirt to other places in the house. Small rugs by the door can help trap incoming dirt.

Place an old towel by the entrance to quickly wipe down your pet’s paws as they come inside. Sweep and vacuum these places daily. Five minutes a day would be enough.

Final Thoughts

Having a clean house all the time does not have to be impossible. By developing daily and weekly habits for the whole family, you minimize the need to spend an entire weekend cleaning. The trick is to set aside some time of your day to clean the mess as you go and not watch it pile up and spend a longer time cleaning.

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