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Cassie Leong
in Kluje
Asked Sunday 24 Jun 2018 03:11 AM

SCDF Requirements on Fire Hose Reel

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May I know what is the guidelines for the fire hose reels?

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6.2.8 Hose Reels
(a) At least one hydraulic hosereel conforming to the
requirements in SS CP 29 Code of Practice for Fire Hydrant
Systems and Hose Reels shall be provided in every storey
of every building except the following:
(iii) Any other small building which at the discretion of
the Relevant Authority does not require a hose reel.
(No illustration)
Small buildings, refer to detach building and it must be standalone,
such as guardhouse, pump house, bin centre, electrical substation etc
would not be required to provide hydraulic hosereel. However,
suitable type of fire extinguisher should be provided instead.
(b) Size and type
The hose reel should be of 20mm or 25mm nominal
diameter, non-kinking reinforced rubber or reinforced PVC
to either BS3169 Type A or AS1221, not exceeding 30 m in
length and terminating in “shut-off” branches with 4 mm or
6 mm nozzles.
(No illustration) Extracts from CP 29
(1) The reel or drum should be of adequate size to wind up the 30m
length hose.
(2) The length of the hose should not exceed 30m. The main
reasons are:
(a) an occupant using the hose reel to fight an incipient fire ...........

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