Tips to Deal with messy roommate


We all know cleanliness is next to godliness but sadly we often bump into people who are absolutely disgusting, to begin with. Living with a messy person or sharing your apartment or home with someone who is disgustingly unclean can be the worst nightmare come true! If you are someone who is stuck with a messy roommate or paying guest in Bangalore and despite your multiple attempts, couldn’t teach him or her, a lesson or two on cleanliness then this write-up is tailor-made exclusively for you, my friend. Let’s have a look at these simple yet highly effective (in most cases) ways to deal with a messy and disgusting roommate.

1. Pile on Things on their Bed:

This is by far the best approach to tackle untidy people. Pick each and everything they drop on the floor or leave here and there and put them on their bed or nightstand. This will compel them to clean their bed and as a result of which they will learn to keep their stuff in their right places with time. The stench of sweat soaked clothes and dirty socks lying on the bed is bound to have some impact, trust me.

2. Confrontations work like a Charm quite Often!

Many a time, we just let things be as we feel confronting our roommate and discussing his or her issues with cleanliness or hygiene is going to hurt them. It’s okay to care about your friends and their feelings but not at the cost of your health. Have a talk and discuss how you want your roommate to be more cooperative and participate in the weekly cleaning of the house. Sometimes, conveying your message to the other person is all you need to do.

3. Hit them on their Conscience:

You really need to put your dignity and self-respect at stake in the beginning if you genuinely want this method to work, which can be pretty extreme; I agree but is often your best bet. You start cleaning the house with or without your roommate’s help. Keep it clean and tidy every day for weeks or maybe a month and then stop cleaning abruptly. It will not go unnoticed and your roommate is bound to realize his or her fault, which will work in the best interest of you both. However, there are people with no conscience whatsoever; this method might backfire in such cases.

4. Indifference:

Hard to do but once achieved can offer you with ample amount of peace. Your roommate won’t clean? Don’t bother. Keep your room clean and ignore the dirt hanging around the premises of the house. Indifference will not only save you from the trouble of cleaning the entire house or apartment by yourself but also arguing with your roommate regarding cleaning the same.

5. Complaining and Nagging works!

If you are in a hostel then you are in luck! You can complain to the head or the supervisor and direct the issue. Give your roommate a series of warning and if still he or she doesn’t listen, don’t think twice before taking drastic measures.

I hope now you can handle a messy roommate with ease without losing your cool and peace of mind! Go, get started already!

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