Why You Should Hire Expert Tadelakt Plasterers?  


Most of the people in today’s world are provided with the proper well-being ad proper basic needs. These basic needs consist of proper living conditions, availability of electricity, proper sanitation services, proper food resources, and intake and many others. But as far as the human nature is justified, the urge of becoming better day by day is a never-ending process. So, with the proceeding evolution, mankind is discovering and applying such things which were previously unknown. Currently, among the basic needs of mankind, decoration has also taken a major part.

For decoration purposes and keeping their marks for the coming generations, people are widely using a material called Tadelakt. On the other hand, people are also becoming aware of the threats to our environment. So, they are choosing tadelakt with closed eyes since it has environmental benefits too. Applying tadelakt plastering with the help of expert tadelakt plasterers in the bathroom or any other place is very much beneficial and also very much appealing visually. They are being processed and plastered in the desired areas by expert tadelakt plasterers.

What Is Tadelakt?

Tadelakt is a naturally occurring plaster type material which is based on lime. It was found in Morocco. That is why it is often called Moroccan tadelakt. Being waterproof and water repellent (after polishing with soap), it is widely used in bathrooms and wet areas.

Contributes in The Creation of A Green Environment

Tadelakt surfaces contain soap solutions embedded in them and that’s why such surfaces can be easily cleaned with sponge and water only. On the other hand, other surfaces require chemicals and bleaching to get cleaned which in turn causes a harmful impact to the environment. They also provide a clean and fresh vibe and ambiance to the place where they are applied by expert tadelakt plasterers.

Being CO2-Friendly

In a comparison with other cement-based finishes, tadelakt is much more CO2 friendly since it absorbs CO2 during its processing. We all know that carbon dioxide is a major component of global warming and it is also a greenhouse gas. Thus, tadelakt’s one of the key features is that it reduces 80% less CO2 than the others and contributes for environmental conservation.

Being Bio-Degradable

Tadelakt is a highly bio-degradable material as it goes down to earth again when it is disposed of or exposed to the outer environment. Unlike other materials, it doesn’t cause any damage to the ecosystem.

On an addition, tadelakt is also recyclable and reusable. This means it can be used more than once after proper processing, which in turn causes a huge decline in the energy used and cost of mining of new materials.

Totally Natural

Tadelakt is a completely natural product. It does not require any chemicals during its processing. Thus, at its disposal, it does not evolve any chemical products. To be precise, no chemical involvement is present and therefore, no scope of the environmental damage is present.

Tadelakt Plaster and Importance of Expert Tadelakt Plasterers

The installation and proper fitting of tadelakt plaster is not an easy work to do. For this, expert tadelakt plasterers are required who can properly process the tadelakt keeping its environmental benefits secure.

Several steps are needed to be followed in order to properly process and embed tadelakt finishes. Some of the steps are:

  • Mixing

  • Applying Tadelakt

  • Soaping

  • Burnishing

  • Applying Wax

  • Drying (For approximately 4 weeks).

Other than expert tadelakt plasterers, it is impossible to follow the above-mentioned steps and without these steps, proper tadelakt finishing cannot be done.

One should always check for the expert tadelakt plasterers by checking their knowledge and capability of proper tadelakt installation.


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