Why You Should Consider Winter Home Renovation


You probably hear that the warmer months are the best time to do home renovation and remodeling projects, but there are some major upsides to doing your home during the colder months. Let's explore those.

Preparation for the Rest of the Year

One of the best reasons to do your home in the wintertime is so that you'll be able to enjoy spring, summer and the rest of the year because your home will already be finished. This also gives you a chance to update your home's colors. You may not want to change your home's colors every year, but some people like to do this by changing up the paint. Colors can make your home look radically different. If you're due for a change, now is the time to explore that. While 2018 seemed to be a year of drama, people are looking to 2019 for tranquility. Sea blues, earthy browns, shades of warm sienna and pastels are the chosen colors this spring.

Save Money

Most people renovate or remodel their homes when the weather heats up. This creates an influx of business during the warmer months. However, you will save a considerable amount of money during the colder months because many businesses offer extreme savings on their services when it's cold because they want to fill up their downtime, and they need to bring in money. In addition to saving money in the off-season, you stand to save money year-round. During this time of year especially, installing things such as updated window wells or adding insulation to your home can potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars in utility bills. Think of what a cool roof or energy-efficient windows could do for your home.

Perfect Timing

People get busier as the weather gets warmer. Schedules become more hectic because of school activities, vacations, sports, road trips, work and more. During the colder months, there is more time to attend to home projects because people tend to be home more often and for greater periods of time. The last thing you want to do is try to renovate or remodel your home while you're trying to do 50 other things. Save yourself the hassle, and get it done as soon as possible.

Contractor Availability

Because it's off-season for home improvement contractors, you can arrange to have your home done precisely when you need it done. If you try this later in the year, you'll likely run into scheduling snafus as you try to align your schedule with your contractor's schedule. This might mean you have to go with a less popular company in order to work your project in. However, you can't trust your home to just anyone. A company that doesn't have to squeeze you in between other projects is more likely to take their time on your home and give it more attention than they would if they were rushed.

Perfect Planning

Your home could be the best place to throw parties, have a staycation, to have family members stay with you and more if you had the room, if your backyard had a deck, if your kitchen could seat enough people or if your living room had a more open layout. If you're not thoroughly enjoying your home in the way you want, you're missing out on numerous opportunities. It's time to make a change. Plus, it can be expensive renting halls and dealing with gardening fiascos. Renovating and remodeling your home to be more efficient leads to more together time, relaxation and the best memories.


After your home is finished, you can look at an open schedule and make all your plans of fun for the rest of the year.

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