Why Hire Professional Contractors for Bathroom Remodelling


When it comes to representing DIY in programming, be that on traditional TV or on online shows, there are generally two approaches.  The first makes it look so easy anyone could fit a whirlpool bath and shower standing on their head, while the second approach focuses on hammers punching holes in your new shower cabin, mirrors hanging off the wall and just how much of a disaster it can be if you get it wrong.  

Both of these approaches have some truth in them, but neither is anything like the whole truth.  That being so, we’d like to take a more realistic approach to explain why we think you should hire professional contractors for bathroom remodeling.

They will do the job quicker than you.

Even if you have the skills and tools to do the job yourself, you’re not going to beat a professional for speed.  In fact you’re highly unlikely to come anywhere close. The very definition of a professional is someone who does a job for a living and therefore gets a lot of practice at it.  This is particularly relevant when it comes to bathrooms. Let’s be blunt, if your living room or bedroom is out of action, you can always switch to the other room. If your kitchen is out of action, it’s usually easy enough to get food elsewhere, but if your bathroom is out of action, your options are usually both limited and inconvenient.

They will have the trade knowledge and contacts to know what materials to get and where.

In addition to having pro-standard tools, professionals will know exactly what materials they need to use for any given job and where to get them and they will bring those materials with them to your house.  Again, this is probably something you could potentially work out yourself, if you asked around online (or offline if you know people in the building trade), but you would have to work out something a professional already knows.  Plus you’d be left with organizing either delivery or collection, neither of which is necessarily a convenient job, particularly not if you need to go out to work.

They will have insurance

Obviously this assumes that you’re hiring a reputable contractor rather than a handy person who works evenings for cash.  In fact, one way to identify a high-quality contractor is to check their insurance situation. Be very careful about assuming that your own home insurance will cover you for any “DIY disasters”.  There’s a good chance that if you read the small print, there will be something to the effect that you should call in a contractor where appropriate and that therefore your policy excludes cover for issues caused by you tackling jobs which were above what a reasonable person would see as your level of skill.  Even if you are covered, we’re back to the issue raised in the first point, which is that a DIY job going wrong is quite likely to extend the period during which your bathroom is out of action, which can be highly inconvenient.

They have the skills to deal with problems before they become serious

We’ve probably all had a chance to learn the hard way that there’s a difference between theory and practice.  We’ve probably also had a chance to learn that many times you only discover that difference when you’re part way through putting the theory to the test.  If your DIY bathroom remodel winds up going off-plan, then you will wind up with two options. Option one is trying to work out the solution yourself and option two is calling in a contractor, who may well end up charging you extra for the time they need to fix the mess you made before they can actually do what you were trying to do in the first place.  If, however, a contractor runs into a tricky situation, then they are very likely to have the skills to deal with it themselves and if not, they will know exactly who to call for help.

You may well get a better finish

Perhaps this reason isn’t enough on its own, but when you put it with all the others, it’s certainly worth consideration.  Even if a DIYer can do a job and do it to an acceptable standard and not be likely to put a hammer through your showers glass, they’re highly unlikely to match the standards of a professional.  For example, in some cases, it doesn’t really matter, for practical purposes, if something isn’t quite straight, but it does matter for aesthetic ones.  Something being out of line becomes something which is permanently “not quite right” in your bathroom and generally spoils the look of it and it may well be something which, when in place, is hard to alter again.  This can be particularly annoying if you are one of the many people who really wants their bathroom to look both stylish and peaceful, essentially to be a private spa where they can relax and unwind after a busy day.

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