When Do I Need a Carpenter?

If you are facing a basic DIY job around the house, you might want to contact a carpenter. Here are the types of carpenters and the types of jobs that they perform so that you can determine if a carpenter would be helpful for your particular task.

Types of Carpenters

While all carpenters can perform basic woodwork, you may be surprised to learn that there are several different types of carpenters with specialisations in different areas. The two major types of carpenters are the following:

Rough Carpenters - A rough carpenter does work on the structure of buildings. This means that they can assist with tasks such as building formwork, bracing and scaffolding. They can also assemble the frames for buildings, floors and other support structures. Rough carpenters will cut the wood and review the blueprints for the construction job.

Finish Carpenters - Finish carpenters work with the components of a project that will affect how the project looks when it is done. This can involve projects such as roofing, woodwork, decking and more.

Trim carpenters and cabinet makers make up two other important groups of carpenters:

Trim Carpenters - These carpenters work to install trims such as for the ceilings and windows. They may also work on mouldings or architraves.

Cabinet Makers - Cabinet making is a specific type of carpentry that involves making cabinetry for the home. These carpenters can also made furniture and perform woodworking jobs.






While you may only need a simple task completed, you'll be surprised to see just how many tasks carpenters can do around your home. Here are the few of the tasks that they can complete:

  • Build staircase
  • Install windows or doors
  • Install cabinetry
  • Design and build furniture
  • Install decks
  • Install framing for your home
  • Review and interpret blueprints
  • Erect scaffolding
  • Build fences
  • Build formwork

If you need to decide which projects a carpenter can take on, the first step would be to request some free quotes.

If you would like to request quotes for carpentry services, a local contractor can help. Click here to get in touch with carpenters in today!


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