What Tile Should You Choose For Your Roof?

Are you trying to figure out whether clay tiles or concrete tiles are best for your home’s roof? The decision can be difficult to make with each offering its own advantages. The major advantage of concrete tiles when compared with clay tiles is that they cost less. Clay tiles are usually praised for the fact that they are longer lasting and keep their colour when compared to concrete tiles.


Clay tiles are not affected by being exposed to the elements. This is not true for concrete tiles in contrast. Despite the fact that the majority of concrete roof tiles are manufactured to include pigment throughout the tile, the colour of concrete still will fade over time. Concrete does not hold its colour as well as clay and therefore clay tiles are the best option if you want to ensure that your roof looks new for many years to come.


Concrete tiles can last a long time of between 30-50 years if they are made well. However, clay tiles can last much longer. They have been found to last hundreds of years in some places in Europe. Traditional clay is not affected by being exposed to the elements. Fired clay tiles are also fire resistant and won’t rot. They are also insulated from issues such as mildew or mould so you won’t have to worry about washing them frequently.

In the past, concrete roof tiles may have been known to not last as long as clay. This problem was more frequently found in places where the climate is prone to cycles of freezing and thawing. However, clay tile manufacturers have improved their products so that they will last longer than ever. There are still infrequent reports of concrete roof tiles that have not held up well. But the manufacturers say that this only occurs in the case of a batch that has failed quality control evaluations.

These days roof tiles that are made from clay are extremely strong. It is possible to step on the tiles and not crack them. Clay roof tiles can also survive high wind conditions if they have been installed properly. If you are trying to determine which option is best, you should consider the pros and cons of each material. While clay may cost more initially, it is a better choice in the long run thanks to its durability.

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