What Material Should You Choose for Your Square Planters?


If you love gardening, you should know about the different materials in which square planters are available. Well, you can choose from a wide variety of choices, as these come in various shapes, materials, colours, and sizes. At the outset, it is important to know the advantage and disadvantage of each type of planter. When you plan to buy these planters, you need to consider certain factors that determine the overall look of the place. These include the aesthetic value, climate, and maintenance cost of the same.

Here are some of the common materials used for making square planters. You can even get the products customised as per your needs.

Pressed paper

When you grow vegetables in your garden, planters made of pressed paper are a great choice for you. The breathability in these containers is great. This enhances the aeration and promotes the healthy growth of roots. Besides, the roots remain insulated from extreme temperatures that might expose the plants to stress. Besides, planters made of pressed paper are biodegradable. If you are looking for eco-friendly square planters, those made up of this material can serve your purpose. However, pressed paper planters should be replaced every year. However, the cost of pressed paper planters is low and buying them remains an economical option. Some variants are lined with wax that ensures a longer life span.


Ceramic planters come across various designs and textures. This is a good choice for people with a fascination for gardening. You might love finely textured ceramic planters, glazed planters, or lightly shaded clay planters. The porousness of ceramic planters is low, as they are exposed to a high temperature during the manufacturing process. Besides, they are less vulnerable to elements. However, these planters might develop cracks if they remain exposed to cold weather for long. You can choose a wide range of designs and colour glazes when you buy ceramic square planters. You should know, that ceramic planters are a good choice for plants that grow heavy at the top. Since these pots are heavy, they can balance these plants well. Economically, they are a little bit on the expensive side.




If you are looking for a material that balances the economic and ecological aspects, you can buy planters made of coir. These are made of husks of coconut and are more robust than pots made of pressed paper. Besides, they offer a good aesthetic essence to your home. Coir pots come with several other variants. Some of these are made up of grain husks, along with various binding agents. You can buy these inexpensive pots and get them customised according to your needs. The coir pots come across several colours and designs. You can explore the collection of square planters in the both online and offline stores.


Terracotta is a popular choice for making planters. These planters come across various sizes. This is a versatile material in nature, as it is compatible with almost every place. The reddish brown colour of the pots look warm and the gardeners love their earthly appeal. Besides, terracotta planters are affordable and readily available. You can use them both for indoor and outdoor areas due to their elegance and high resistance power. However, you would need to take care of these planters as they are fragile, and normally, they come unglazed. This makes them permeable, so you need to take care when you water the plants. In order to limit the water escaping from the pot, you need to graze it with plastic or other materials. Make sure to leave out some holes for drainage.

Both online sites and offline stores offer some great products that carry the aesthetic appeal and functional value. When you buy square planters, you can even get them customised for your purpose.


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