What Does Your Home Exterior Say About Your Style?

Our homes are our sanctuaries. Safe havens where we have the luxury to relax and find comfort. The first thing most of us want is for our home decor to reflect just that. But just like with clothes or cars where people tend to use appearances to present themselves in a certain, desired light, we allow ourselves to be presented by our homes. This is not so extreme though - at least not as some do go.

We shouldn’t forget that as human beings we are very reliant on our senses – touch, sight, hearing, taste. When it comes to leaving first impressions, we do care and try to be the best possible versions of ourselves. The exterior of our home is the first thing passersby and visitors see, and on which they base their opinion of us. Although there’s always more than meets the eye in any situation, we will concentrate on those first images people see when they stand in front of our house.

The bigger the house the greater the impression

Size is the first thing to be noticed about your home, and for many, it does matter. But not for the right reasons. While you may be the kind of person who likes to have space and move around the house freely, people will be presumptuous and assume your home mirrors your income and financial status.

On the other hand, it can reflect your hedonistic needs to indulge yourself in the best possible luxury you can afford. If you have a large extended family and friends living far away from you, of course, it would be nice to have one or several extra rooms for them when they come to visit. Smaller homes are more complicated to process. While you think they will clearly represent smaller wealth or a lack thereof, here design can be crucial. Architecture and style can be contributing factors as well as colors and gardening.  

Outside matters as much as inside

When it comes to houses, this is very true. The shape your house is in will paint a picture of your habits and psychological state. For instance, if you see a castle you’ll presume that it belongs to royalty. If you see a rugged looking place where half of the outer paint is missing, you’ll assume that the owner is, let’s say, either lazy or depressed. It’s somewhat simplified, but you understand the point – the outer appearance of your house will present your habits to the visitors.

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Details like flowers, a rocking chair on the porch, personalized doormats are some of the touches that can give warmth and a sense of safety. Ornaments, molding, decorative trim, arches, and columns are some of the design tricks to give your house that finishing touch.

Roof is the top of your world

First, let us just say that taking regular care of and making repairs to your roof will protect you and your house from various outside elements and their influence. But it can also add that extra charm to your overall exterior. ASAP Roof Painting professionals claim that you have to pay attention that it’s all well fitted into the architectural plan and your taste. That way, you will cut the additional costs and repairs.

A sloped roof will peg you as conservative, a flat one that you are a fan of minimalistic decor, gable as a traditionalist, and so on. Whatever different roofing types say about your nature, don’t forget to take the practical aspects into account since it’s more important that you can regularly maintain your roof than how it describes your persona.

Landscaping about yourself

This part of your household should not be ignored, especially if you like leaving stellar first impressions. Good and beautiful landscaping is the product of careful planning, a sense of aesthetics and investment of one’s self and money. So it’s not unusual that the outside world will see you through all that.


For example, if your landscape is symmetrical it can mean that you have high respect for order in your life. If lines are clean you could be seen as a minimalist. Stones and stonework will present you as warm and charming, while a dirt pavement and overgrown plants can mean you’re inhospitable or lazy.

As a conclusion

It all comes down to one thing and that’s what you want your home to say about you. Remember, it is your choice how you want people to perceive you. It takes a lot of effort, resources and time to create the home you want. If you’re not that good with a shovel or masonry, maybe it’s a good idea to hire professionals to do it for you and based on your wishes than to exhaust yourself doing chores and tasks, gnawing your nerves.

No matter the process, the end result will tell a story about you to everyone looking in your house’s direction. Though, how personal and insightful it is – that’s up to you and the style you choose. 


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