What Does An Arborist Do And Why You Should Know One


Trees are a wonderful addition to any garden since they provide much need privacy and shade. However, sometimes trees can become a nuisance, or they may develop problems which need some attention.

You might be wondering what a tree surgeon can do to help you. There are several ways that they can make sure that everything is perfect with the trees in your garden. Read this helpful guide in order to learn more.

Cut Down Overhanging Branches

Branches can grow to incredible lengths, which could encroach on a neighbour’s property. The branches may have also become too heavy, which means that they could snap off and fall on people below who are sitting or playing in the garden. This means that some tree lopping is required. A tree surgeon will be able to safely lop these branches in no time at all. This will mean that the tree will not encroach on your neighbour’s property and the risk of branches falling down will be minimised.

Dig Out Overgrown Roots

Strong and healthy roots are vital for a tree in order to get as much water and nutrients as possible. However, roots can become overgrown to the point where they cause problems for the rest of the garden and may even make the foundations of your house extremely unstable. If the ground in the garden has become uneven, or the floors in the house feel uneven, then it could be time to call a tree surgeon to dig out the tree roots.

Once the roots have been dug out, the ground will return to normal and the tree will still be able to get all the water and nutrients that it needs. Remember to keep an eye on the roots in order to spot any future problems that might re-occur. Perth Arbor Services supply tree surgery in Perth.

Stump Removal

If a tree needs to be fully cut down, then the stump will need to be removed without causing damage to the ground. There are a couple of ways that a tree surgeon will be able to remove the tree stump: firstly, they can chop it into several sections and then take out the individual pieces without causing any problems for the ground.

Stump removal will allow you to put a bench where the trunk of the tree once stood.

Cut Out Infected Parts Of The Tree Or Roots

It is important that trees are healthy at all times. However, sometimes they are susceptible to problems such as fungus and rotting. If this happens, then an arborist will be able to remove the infected part of the tree without needing to do a full removal. Once the fungus has been removed, the tree will be able to return to full health.

Remove Leaning Trees

Leaning trees pose an extreme risk because they can potentially fall on your house. A tree surgeon will be able to cut the branches and remove the tree completely.

Use this guide to decide when you need a tree surgeon.

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