What Does a Restoration Carpenter Do?

Carpenters are well-skilled contractors that can help you to make the most of your home. If you are wondering what kind of carpenter you will need to do restoration work on your home, consider hiring a restoration carpenter. These carpenters specialize in projects that combine the work of building with the carefully studied hand of a conservator in order to help restore your home to its original beauty. 

Major Duties of a Restoration Carpenter 

Restoration carpenters aren't just great at building, they are excellent at re-building. They have studied traditional construction methods and know how to look for traces of the original structures or designs that may have been changed a long time ago. Some of the major services that are performed by a restoration carpenter include:

  • Restoring old windows so that they maintain the elements of the original design while providing the energy-efficient properties of modern windows
  • Repairing and redoing wood moulding and related millwork
  • Reinforcing old structures with support that is invisible or minimally invasive
  • Updating older buildings so that they meet the current regulations in terms of safety, energy use and other modern building requirements
  • Taking apart and rebuilding homes 

Mixing New Items With Older Items

Restoration carpenters can also help to mix new construction with older construction. If you have recently made additions or design changes to your home and you want to make sure that these items fit seamlessly with older elements of the home's design, a restoration carpenter can help. They can make designs look like the traditional way while using the latest techniques and modern materials to achieve that look. This will save you money while still preserving the look that you want to create. The depth of the design is really only limited by the budget for the project and how many materials will be required in order to do the work.

How to Locate a Restoration Carpenter 

If you are considering hiring a restoration carpenter for your project, you should be aware that restoration carpenters often work alongside other professionals that specialize in restoration such as preservation architects. You can also start by getting in touch with your local historical society in order to get advice for your project. 

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