Ways that home décor can change your life


We’re all looking for a little luck in our lives, whether we have rituals or routines we follow in order to bring some good fortune into our days, or if we just leave the wishes to birthdays and special moments – most people follow one superstition or another.

If you’re looking for some more luck in your life, then beginning with the place that you spend the most time is the best start.

Every country has their own good luck charms or beliefs, and many of these are focused around the home. Whether this is placing something in a certain place or incorporating good luck symbols into your interior design, these elements could change your life, and your home décor.

Terry’s Fabrics have found all the ways that you could boost your luck simply by adding a few items into your home. If you add all 7, who knows what luck you might have.

The bedroom

Dreamcatchers are believed to gather good dreams and remove bad dreams. Originating from Native America, the string web resembles a spider, as these are an original symbol of protection. When a dreamcatcher is hung above a bed, good dreams pass through and slide down the feathers onto the sleeper below. By adding one of these into your home, you could bring good energy into your life whilst you sleep.

You can also bring good fortune into your bedroom or place of study through a Japanese tradition. The cute cats named ‘Maneki-Neko’, which you may recognise from the entrance of shops and restaurants – can actually bring good fortune if you place this in your home.

Living Spaces

Mirrors often make a strong addition to any living space, creating a chic and minimalist design to any room, but did you know they are a bringer of good energy and luck? Mirrors are believed to bring light and energy into any space, according to feng shui. By placing a mirror opposite a great view, according to Chinese tradition, this will fill your home with positivity and good energy.

If you feel that your doors and windows need some sprucing up, you might considering adding some elephant décor. In Southeast Asia, elephants are regarded as sacred animals. When placed near doors or windows, elephant decors are said to protect the home from bad luck an if the trunk of the elephant is facing upwards, it will shower those who walk near it with good luck.

Houseplants are a huge trend, but did you know that alongside being a great decorative item, these could also bring you an abundance of good energy and luck. According to feng shui, it’s believed that you should place bamboo in the east or south-east parts of your house, to bring good fortune and health.

Your front door

Just by adding a small horseshoe outside your front door, you could protect your home, and yourself. This tradition dates back to 10th century Europe and stems from the fact that they are made of iron, which is believed to be a lucky material – but if you want to maximise the luck you should receive from this décor outside your door, you should hang this up with seven nails, with 7 being a lucky number, this should maximise the affects.

Give these a try, and you can thank us when you luck suddenly changes.

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