Water-Saving Tips for Your Home


Clean water is one of the most precious resources of the modern world. It keeps us clean, fed, and hydrated. Conserving it is of utmost importance for the sake of the environment and the sake of our water bills. The average household wastes hundreds of litres of water every single day, mostly due to inefficient water management. If you want to go green and reduce your bills, there are a couple of ways that can get you there with minimal effort.

  1. Give back to your garden

Washing vegetables and fruit is something everyone should practice. You often don’t know where they come from or where they’re stored, which is why it’s best to stay on the safer side of things. Even your own fruit and vegetables come from the dirt, which is enough of a reason to wash them.

When you’re in the middle of cooking up a meal, you probably don’t pay attention to how much water you’re using to wash your produce. After all, it’s just a couple of seconds, even when you leave it running to get more fruit and veggies. 

Put a container underneath while you're washing them and note how much it fills up. Over six litres are used by the tap every minute, which means that you could be wasting a lot more water than you might have expected. This water would be much better utilized in your own garden. Make a habit of using a container while you wash produce and then use it to water your plants.

  1. Clean with ease

Contrary to what your parents might have said, letting the dishes soak does work. Water and a bit of soap can make sturdy oil stains weaker and thus you’ll find it a lot easier to clean dirty dishes after they’ve soaked in it for some time.

If you pour a tiny bit of water on the dishes you have in the sink, they’ll become a lot more manageable later on when you have to wash them. Once they’re nice and soaked, you’ll only need a quick brush of the sponge and a bit of rinsing and your dishes will be as clean as ever. 

  1. Consider a rain barrel

Rainfall is great for your garden and the plants within it. Unfortunately, you won’t always be blessed with a rainy day exactly when your plants need it, which is why you have to water them on occasion. Luckily, you can make even better use of rainy days if you plan ahead.

Rainwater barrels are the ideal solution for anyone that has a sprawling garden that needs lots of attention and regular watering. All you have to do is wait and let the rain fill it up every couple of days. It’s an inexpensive solution that will have a huge effect on your water bill. Just make sure to cover the top of the barrel to prevent mosquitoes from gathering.

  1. Check the pipes

One of the main sources of water waste isn’t actually the water you actively decide to use. It’s the water that escapes your pipes through leakage. A burst water pipe can run for quite a long time and lose thousands of litres of water if it’s located in a spot where it can drain without doing visible damage. Even something as simple as a leaky faucet can rack up some huge numbers if left unchecked for a while.

Taking care of plumbing maintenance in the bathroom should be one of your top priorities. This is where most of your water will flow through and it’s inevitable that one or two pipes might spring a leak after years of use. Checking them out will be a relatively inexpensive solution to a very expensive problem. 

  1. Keep the bubble baths to a minimum

It's no secret that bubble baths are pretty wasteful. They consume dozens of litres of water, which is drastically more than any old regular shower. Of course, bubble baths and showers have very different purposes, which should be clear to anyone. However, they should still be kept to a minimum as the amount of water they use is tremendous. 

If you don’t want to reduce the frequency of your baths, you could always aim for a lower level of water. Instead of having it reach all the way to the top, consider filling it to half capacity instead. Make up for the difference in bubbles, they’re the main attraction anyway. 


Conserving water is pretty easy when you put in a bit of effort. A big part of water wastage is people not being aware that there are some pretty simple ways to conserve water that won’t significantly alter day-to-day life. Even just one or two of these tips will make the numbers on your water bill seem a lot smaller. Consider introducing a couple of changes to your home and you’ll be saving a lot of water this month.

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