Using Grey In Interior Design

Many people avoid using grey as a major colour in their homes because they are worried that their homes will look boring as a result. However, the truth is that when grey is used properly, the look can be quite modern and chic. Here are a few tips to help you effectively use grey in your home's interior.

Grey Is Considered to Be Neutral

Grey is considered to be a colour that is very neutral. Grey is also used in interior designs in spaces to create a quiet and calm mood. When used for interior design it can be very exciting. However, when it comes to the exterior of your home, grey should be used sparingly and should always be contrasted with another colour to keep it from looking boring. If the exterior of your home is grey, consider adding a door in a bright contrasting colour. 

Exterior Grey Ideas

A home that is all grey or mostly grey can be also be made to stand out by paying careful attention to the landscaping. Consider adding brilliantly coloured flowers around the exterior or taking care of your lawn so that the brilliant green of a well manicured lawn will contrast the with exterior of home. This will create a very simple yet modern design for your home.

Accent Walls

Shades of grey work very well for making your walls stand out. If you will be using grey to create an accent wall as a focal point, consider a darker colour of grey. You can also choose black and white artwork to further highlight the accent wall.

Entirely Grey Rooms

Rooms can also be done entirely in grey if you use various shades of grey ranging from the lightest to the darkest greys. For added contrast, you can also include bits of white or black in the furniture or decorative items so that there are focal points in your room. An entirely grey room when done properly will create a warm and inviting look that is sophisticated and modern.

Grey Is Not Only for Modern Design

Grey works well when paired with traditional design styles as well. If you would like to have a country or more rustic feel to your space, grey can be used as well. Consider adding contrast in the form of patterned fabrics and textures to further soften the appearance of the grey. To keep the room from feeling gloomy or inadequately lit, you should make sure to choose the shades of grey that are closest to white.

Grey can work well in your home, if you know how to apply it. When it comes to design styles that use grey, the options are endless. The only thing that matters is the mood that you are looking for when it comes to designing your room.

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